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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Understanding Our Spiritual Path

Since the spiritual awakening occurred to me almost two years ago, it seems like it was already a long journey to me. Yes, this spiritual path is a long journey indeed, full of life challenges. When you are walking through the light, there's a lot of things to be embraced with, and sometimes you meet people that you don't really expect to come into your life. You meet like-minded people on the same path, some will reach out, and some will remain silent. Some will give you support and some will not stay long. Meeting these people is not a guarantee that everything will be permanent. However the connections with them is much stronger, and you get to drink the cup of your necessity for you to grow. Sometimes, you feel the pain that no one could ever reach out their hands to you, and that some will teach you a great lesson as part of your personal growth. But at the end of the day, only few remains to be with you. 

You will always feel alone, but not necessarily you are a lonely person. And you will tap the beauty of the learning while you are alone. The yearning is part of the process that you will undergo in this spiritual path because your heart itself is expanding and learning you to forgive, understand, and love unconditionally. Our ego self becomes powerless once you begin to understand that everything has a divine purpose. But we are still not perfect that our ego self will find it's way to weigh you down that your mind convinces you that you have to believe in your ego.

It's not easy to walk in the light. And the fears will bring you down if you cannot face it with great will.  Your tears won't get away, the physical and emotional pain is always present that these become more intense that you thought is gone.

Sometimes you feel the bliss of joy and suddenly you feel the sadness in your heart that you don't really know if it is yours, as you become more empath in your spiritual journey. It's hard to suppress this feelings that you think you are going nuts.

There's no going back to where you came from. But only you need to accept everything that you have a divine purpose.

We are all connected to the Universe and that is we connect through our heart. This is where the Source and our Higher Self communicates to us telling you some important messages. And this is part of our path that we need to embrace, and the more you accept your purpose is the more synchronicities happening in your life.

But I know that one day, even if we don't really understand what is going through with us, God will always show us the way, and that no matter how hard it is in this spiritual journey, the Source will be there to lead us that we are on the right path.

Sameera Chathuranga

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