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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reminiscing Last Year's Event

Today is May 1, wow the 5th month of the year. Every time the new months come, it reminds me more often of the past. Yes, it lets me think of the same period last year of what I have I gone through in that moment in time. It's hard to let go of the past especially we are learning our lessons in life. The good and the bad times were there to remind us what happened to us, but the bad ones, no matter how bad it is, still has a value because we this is where we learn some valuable lessons. At the end of the day you will think that it's not about the bad things that happen to each and everyone of us. We gain things that we can't really afford to lose them and maybe because of the yearnings.

Maybe we have learned some lessons in love, but it really depends on what particular experience that one has gone through.

 I love the way I think about the past each time a new month is coming. For it also reminds me of who I am today. Maybe a lot of me has change..of course if there were some slight changes in me, that is for a better.

I think of the moment last year, I had some photo shoot of myself with my classmate in an I.T. school,  I went to karaoke bar with my friends and more that I could not write it down one by one.

Today I have gone through recording using my laptop and condense mic for the back up of my kins for the theme song of the docu-film coming up this week. My recording skill is quite improving but I don't have the studio yet and maybe, just maybe will have it soon. But I just want to claim it now and anticipate it will just happen in due time.

So this is all for now. I'm so tired..

Sameera Chathuranga

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