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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spending My Time In Huntington Beach

I went to Huntington Beach this morning (May 15). I walked from Katella Avenue and reached the Beach Blvd. From there you can ride OCTA or Orange County Transportation Authority for only $2.00 one way. The bus ride will take you around an hour to reach the Pacific Coast Highway where the coast line clings the Huntigton Beach.

I had a short walk going to the beach where I stumbled to a lady who I asked to take me some photos. I went closer to the pier and on my way I saw a lot of seagulls where I was able to take photos on them.

Few minutes later I reached the pier as the usual thing I do I ready for my camera in a manual mode for some creative shots. Shortly I went to the high way and crossed the street and take a half a mile walk going to Beach Boulevard to return to my original destination. It's not too hot there, as the wind is quite cold because of the Spring season.

The first time I visited the Huntington Beach was in 2009 but I have no camera yet. I was using my Nokia cellular phone to take some pictures. It was summer then where the beach was crowded. Today was not really crowded.

There were some bars and restaurants there, including some hotels along the coast lin

I will have to say that this experience of mine fulfills what I had planned to do during the last few days.

Sameera Chathuranga

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