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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cafe Nouveau in Ventura

signs at the side of the street
Before we went to a popular angel store "Things From Heaven",  we had lunch first on Cafe Nouveau. Both stores are located at Ventura in California. This restaurant is in a 1920's Spanish bungalow and the cuisine reflects California's eclectic heritage and warm  sunny climate.

Irene and Elven

Main entrance sign up for waiting list

Inside the perimeter is a heated patio and when you dine on, it is surrounded by lush meditteranean garden. Dining in on Cafe Nouveau is part of our itinerary for Ventura. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I am not familiar with the delicacies that they serve so I chose omelet as my lunch although this food is served for breakfast .We had a hard time choosing what we wanted to eat as the variety of foods let us delayed the order for our meal.

For the price between $8-12, the food servings was huge and is justified by what you have paid for. We had some left-over wrapped in styro foam for take out.

Inside the restaurant is a patio

Inside the resto where customers dine on

Aside from foods, the overall dine in experience was superb and given a chance to go to Ventura again, I wouldn't hesitate to take my meal in Cafe Nouveau again.

Malou having a hard time what to order

The four of us

Spring rolls

My order was omelet which is good for breakfast meal

Waffle served with syrup

taking out our left-over while proceeding to the car

Sameera Chathuranga

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