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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

San Diego Getaway Part 1: Torrey Pines and Mount Soledad

On Friday July 20, 2013, We left Orange County around 7 p.m. and arrived San Diego at 10:00 p.m via Sta. Ana Freeway. San Diego is a major city in California on the coast of Pacific Ocean in Southern California, approximately 190 km of South Los Angeles and adjacent to the border with Mexico.

Some visitors who went on top of the rock to see the ocean view

Sitting on the bench after the tiring walk at the beach in Torrey Pines

Malou and Elven looking back at me while taking them a picture

Sitting again on the bench

We got up early morning for the Torrey Pines visit on the beach. Torrey Pines is said to be a place for wealthy people. We spent walking on the beach and shortly we went to the park at the top to see the ocean view.

a warning sign that rattle snakes are around the place

On the other hand, Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial in La Jolla is just a few minute drive from Torrey Pines. The memorial wall serves as a tribute honoring veterans who fought for the country. The Mount Soledad cross is a 29-foot tall cross that was erected in 1954.

The big cross and the memorial wall in Mt. Soledad

A scenic view of the Pacific Ocean in Mt. Soledad

Malou sitting on a bench

Our next stop was the USS Midway Museum in San Diego.

Sameera Chathuranga

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