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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Day In El Dorado Park

Yesterday was a surprised visit to El Dorado Park in Long Beach. A surprise because I never had an idea that my friend will bring me to this place. Our original plan was to go to Raw Dust Arts Gallery Fair in Laguna Beach. My friend fetched me in Starbuck, Buena Park along Las Palmas avenue. We went to Cerritos at Goldilocks for a buffet. El Dorado Park was approximately 15-minute drive from Cerritos.

The main entrance of the park
A small lake in the park
a small stream and behind is a bridge
In the park, you'll pass some bridges. Just before getting into the trail, there are directions and in the map you are given which trail you have to go, either in 3 or 5 miles trail. But between a trail, is a path whether you continue for another mile trail or on a two mile trail. There are some animals in the park and on the lake are turtles and fishes. Squirrels, birds and some species can be found here.

Some bench are available if you are tired walking
In the trail are trails to make your experience cozy
direction if you want to continue the trail on 1 or 2 mile
bufferfly caught in the act
We sat on the bench for meditation
you can hug a tree for grounding
setting my camera on
This park is good for meditation and if you want to commune in nature without going far from the city, El Dorado is just good as a small forest in the city.

Sameera Chathuranga

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