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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Glimpse of the Snow Summit in Big Bear

I was with my cousin and she drove all the way to the Snow Summit so we could have the glimpse of the place and see what was in store there during the fall season. This is a ski resort located by Big Bear Lake and is one of the most popular ski and snow board destinations around Southern California. En route from Big Bear Boulevard to Summit Boulevard is a resort that was established in 1952.

First we went the Sport Shop to check out for the sport activities in autumn.

Then we walk around the place and saw the "Welcome Snow Summit" sign board.

Aside from Sky Chair, biking is one of the activities in the Snow Summit.

We went hiking instead, but we did not proceed to the peak because my cousin felt tired. We didn't plan the hiking activity so we don't have the sport shoes to wear on for this activity.

I'm not a hiker, so I have agreed with my cousin not to proceed to go on the top of the mountain as we were not prepared for this activity.

So we went down from the mountain and she drove to The Village for lunch.

That was my last glimpse of the Snow Summit before I went down to Anaheim. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Joshua Tree

Last Wednesday relatives took me to Joshua Tree, in-spite of the U.S. Government shutdown as national parks were part of the restraint. Joshua Tree is about and hour and fourty five minutes from Big Bear. The whole day was freezy as it had been said that forecast of the weather would go snow as it happened in the latter part in the afternoon on Big Bear.

We passed through the Yucca Valley first and all the way down to Joshua Tree. We reached the park and it was true that the national park was closed. Quite disappointing, it did not stopped me from taking some pictures outside the park that lasted about thirty minutes.

It could have been great if we were able to get inside the park.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

When The Soul Experience Life

We have a lot of learning in this world, in life that we have so we can experience what it's like to be in the planet Earth. The Earth is a challenging place that a soul may take its form on how it can experience human diversity. While in this planet, we are governed by the rules and norms that guides the soul when it incarnates to take its lessons. That principle applies to all souls so we can follow and sometimes we deviate this principle. Like the moral values which govern human beings, we commit mistakes and while living on earth, human can always correct anything wrong that he or she has committed to redeem himself before one is ready for ascension.

It is true that all souls are here to experience everything about life. But moral principles are created for guidance that human can employ for himself. Like the school, there are rules and regulations to be followed as standard which guides all the students to achieve what has been mandated and later on when he learns a lot is for him to finish the studies and later graduate from school. Life is just like that, when the soul experience on becoming a human being. It follows norms to guide him all the way down until he achieves his own ascension.

That is why, being an incarnated soul, whatever wrongful act that we do is not only to experience life but also to right it, until we become pure as light in heaven.