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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When Synchronicity Works

Life indeed is full of synchronicity specially when you know your true purpose. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the Universe works in mysterious ways. There's a lot of reasons for this why we bumped into the synchronicity that we may experience everyday. Sometimes we will never understand it why it happens. If you know your true purpose and may have awakened already, this will sound normal to you. 

Synchronicity works usually during accelerated growth. And that means you are in a right path. God gives us the message that you are being guided. During the time of the dark nights of the soul, our Father gives us the message through His messengers. Yes, you will know because your intuition will really tell you.

It is important to have some reflections during the times when you are really down and talk to your guides and angels as they will assist you whenever you need them. By all means they will help, as long as you know how to call them. Even when you talk through your mind, you can get the answers through signs and synchronicity. 

Synchronicity is your personal message, your guide that will lead the way. Only you will understand this as these are given to you that you are the only one that you can understand. To know that you are correct, and validates what and how you feel for what is really going to you.

I would say that synchronicity is God's way to let you know that you are guided and that you are definitely be victorious on the battles that you are partaking. Ask your guides and your angels for some helps. Meditate, travel and go to quiet places. In that way you are being led to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sameera Chathuranga

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