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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Letting God Take Care of All The Things

Christmas day came to pass and another countdown of 365 days is off to set once again. The people are starting to make plans for 2014 and one of them.

The year 2013 had been a tough year for me, lots of challenges as my spiritual awakening spurred 2 years ago. In time, I was able to embrace the "Dark Night of the Soul", the year that it never happened to me before as everything collapsed that led me by the Source to the path that I was taken to becoming of who I am today.

But what does awakening did good to me? This is one of the questions I have figured out, asking myself over and over again. And why did I experience these adversities only to find myself looking back all the good and bad ones.

But one thing for sure, awakening brings out the best and worst in me. As the beginning of the year 2014 comes close, I wanted to recover everything I have lost, start all over again and be careful of the mistakes I have partaken during the past few years.

I know that God wanted me to realize how blessed we are, that everything happens for a reason. And now I know how happy I am, that I deserve that blessings God is giving me. Trust our Lord for everything has been taken cared of.

Sameera Chathuranga

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