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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Thought About Appreciation


Is when you don't really like my work
but have the courage to say the flaws

Appreciation is when you have no fear
to say what you think is right but
it never drive away people from
your criticism...

Appreciation is not just simply you
like my work but at least acknowledge
the effort of a person who does the work
either the result of his/her work may be
good or bad..

Appreciation is when you see their point
why they have to be objective when you miss
out something important...

Not only you are receiving appreciation because
they are your friends but because you understand
the need of one person to be appreciated...

Appreciation is when you feel instinctively that a person has the
need to  be appreciated...

In case of good or bad times they are there for you though they are
not physically present...

Appreciation is when you do good deeds to a person
making him/her feel better in times when you need them..

Appreciation is intangible, but you feel them...

Love is unconditional and you appreciate them for loving you
for who you are...

Sameera Chathuranga

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