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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My Thought About Christmas

First of all let me greet everyone a Merry Christmas! It is Christmas time once again that sometimes   I could hardly believe that moment like this is running so fast that I couldn't imagine every year I say the same piece over and over again when the season comes that I have to think time indeed is like this, like a water running through a river. Everyday in our lives when the moment passes away is just like that and becomes a memory.

I have this feeling that when Christmas passes by, I have this feeling of sadness. It's just that I love this season, but of course I know that everyone loves Christmas. The Christmas songs played on the radio, jingle bells, caroling, the choirs, the people shopping for the Christmas rush and the people, friends and relatives reuniting this yuletide season, it is so amazing. This season of the year also reminds me of my departed loved ones that we could miss them more.

This season, everyone around us portrays Santa Claus, from giving gifts and toys, the cards and the greetings and to giving love. These are the times of our lives, a season that we would always love to reminisce each time Christmas passes by and we know we would happy as we are to remind us that is indeed another yuletide season that we should celebrate. After December 25 is the countdown of the upcoming December 25. It's warm and great that there's always a reminder what I have done, and what I have remembered about the last Christmases.

This is why, I feel strange, quite sad when I know that after December 25 is another wait to another one. And I feel that wave of nostalgia! We saw that pictures and these memories in our lives are something that we can always cherish as time flies away.

Sameera Chathuranga

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