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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning About the Twin Flame Concept

We learn about soul mates and most of us are interested to know what soul mates are and perhaps you have researched about this concept on the internet where you will see a lot of information in some web sites. Try to google and scroll down the search engine and these topics are overwhelming.  I would say most of us are interested to know who our soul mates are. We have many soul mates, and they can be our romantic partner, friends, enemies and even our family members.

But one thing that I have learned about 2 years ago was about twin flames or twin souls through a friend when I attended an event. I never knew what a twin flame was, and all that I knew was about soul mates. I became interested about it and learning from the webs, we only have one twin flame which is our ultimate soul mate. Our twin flame can be our soul mate too but not all soul mates are twin flames. It is also said that infinity, number 8 that is lying is a symbol of the twin flames.  There are a lot of people who are finding their twin flames already. Some sites said that we all have twin flames and others said that twin flames are minority and not all people have it since they are created as a whole soul. But the truth will bear that only the Universe knows if you have already met your twin flame.

I have researched from interesting sites what are the signs and symptoms of finding your twin flame. But at the end of the day, it is only your heart that can tell if you have true met your twin soul. External signs are equally important to confirm what is inside your heart that you are suspecting who your twin soul is.
The following are the signs and synchronicities that I have gathered from my research if you have met your twin flame:

·         Seeing 11:11, 1:11, 11 and other prompt number signs may be an indication that you have probably met your other half. But not everyone who sees these prompts has met their twin flames. This could also be the sign that you are awakening. Just pay attention to your thoughts and you will know the answers. The Universe will reveal to you what it means to see these triggers to lead you that you have indeed met your twin flame. It’s like a clue and sooner or later you will find out if you have truly met your twin flame.  You will also see the name of your suspected twin flame everywhere like in the billboard signs, on the streets, or even hear their names on radio and some phrases, words that you see reminding about the connection.

·         Meeting your twin flame may lead to your spiritual awakening. Some people have experienced a major shift in life, and a dark night of the soul before or upon meeting your twin soul. This spiritual partner is not always romantic since the love between them is unconditional and divine. The feelings should be mutual, and if it is not then he or she is not your twin flame. But the source will guide you upon meeting your twin flame.

·         Since twin flame is an energetic essence, they can be of the same or opposite gender. The may choose a physical body of male or female. Our energy doesn’t have sex unlike our physical body does, and that is why they can enter either on the male or female body. Twin flames may also have a long disparity when it comes to their age and some may incarnate in some parts of the world.

·         It is said that recognizing your twin flame is instant. However the case may not be always like this because that depends on the level of awareness of the person. At the end of the day, it is your heart that knows who your twin flame is. This may involve how spiritually advance the person is to identify if you have recognized this person. The soul knows, and there is always an inner knowing that you have met your spiritual partner.
·         You share the same passion and interests, but some couples are complimentary with one another.

·         Twin flames are telepathic with one another and sometimes know what the other is thinking. You say the same things more likely at the same time as it’s like your minds are one and synchronized. You are empathic with one another and can feel their emotions. When one is sad, the other may be sad too. If one is sick, the other may be sick too.

These are just some of the information I have gathered on the twin flame concept but there are still more that we can find on different sites.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pandesal Making: My New Hobby

For Filipinos, pandesal is a way of life and we usually buy pandesal early in the morning so we can catch up while it is hot because some bakery only make them in the morning. The bakery is usually just across the side streets and is a walking distance. Some prefer to dunk pandesal in their coffee. I like to fill this bread roll with sardines, peanut butter, liver spread or eggs. You can buy pandesal in the bakery for only 2 pesos a piece.

Making my pandesal is my new hobby, learning it from the nephew of our helper. I'm learning quite a lot and I find it interesting. It's a long process though while making this bread roll, especially that hand is involve in mashing the flour together with other ingredients.

Soon enough I will be posting a blog how to make a pandesal. Helpful blogs about how to make it are found on the internet, but I will have to make mine too. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What For Me Is Unconditional Love

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is also a collective effort, camaraderie, and you empathize and show concern to someone who might need some supports without thinking anything in return.

I’m not trying to promote and sell something here, but what I just want to point out is my own experience of giving unconditional love to the people that I don’t even know them.  

About ten years ago I worked as a call center agent, and you know that working in a call center is a challenging job for it demands your time to solve some customer issues over the phone. It is a toxic job that requires you to work at night shift and you get one hour lunch break and two 15 minutes coffee break and for any reasons, you should be able to go back immediately without being late. Being an agent is normal to get involved to some small talks with some fellow the fellow workers. In this way, you’ll find yourself relieved from the pressures, by sharing them your experiences and sentiments concerning your customers, your job including the environment.

After a few months of being a call center agent, there was a MASS TERMINATION by the company. We were all shocked then and we didn’t even know what to do because most workers were losing their job. There was NO NOTICE at all, no meetings, and the way they terminated their employees were UNJUST and they did not abide the Philippine Labor Laws for workers. Some of them cried a lot, some were worried because it was their first job, and some of them were quite affected and later on accept the fact that they have lost their jobs.

I was there, and it happen night shift. I was quite shock of the incident and saw these call center agents crying a lot and was drowned from their own tears and talking about their sentiments. I felt sorry for them, I felt pity for them and it lets my heart melt away thinking how I could be able to help them out in my own little ways. I was always compassionate about my fellow workers since I always put my own shoes to these people and that is why, I’m always close to them because I know how it felt like to being an employee, myself.

Little did I know, my mind played around and took the initiative to report the incident to the media. I got a phone call from one of the researchers and interviewed me as far as the incident was concerned. When the media came unexpectedly to the call center, there was havoc and it interrupted the entire operation of a call center. They were surprised that outside the building was the service of news and media affairs including a popular media personality who exposes some anomalies.  I wasn’t there when this happened but I got some text messages from my friends who knew that I was the one who reported the incident to the media.

My name “JOHN” spread like wild fire even reaching the executives and human resources department.

Sometimes we don’t know that we are already giving unconditional love to the people that need our support as the problem persist not only on a personal basis, but also to the organization where you interact by showing that you also cared for them and you know how to empathize with the people at a given situation.

LEADERSHIP, I guess can be play an important role in giving unconditional love…

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Catalyst for Growth

Change is a process that remains to be part of human experience in every aspect of our lives. This allows us to evolve letting us to become more matured to deal with some of our life problems. In every change, sometimes we get the pain and we must embrace it with open arms to allow things to flow freely. We have people that we meet in every situation, and sometimes we don’t know that this person becomes a part of our learning. Our experience with them may differ, depending on the depth of how well we have interacted with someone we become close to.
The person involve through change may act as a catalyst for growth, allowing us to learn our lessons. Some may only stay for a while and exit from the scene, until another one comes in and when another person enters in our life, we will be able to apply the changes that we have gained from our experience. It’s a continuous process that sometimes we find it ambiguous. It’s like the books pages and once we are done reading the page, we turn the page to another one and have the ability to look back these pages that we have turned, or we have the choice to jump to the next chapter.
Every person have a catalyst for growth and as the changes occur, we get to know more of our selves letting us to appreciate that what we have experienced, the beauty is we see ourselves grown becoming us to be a new person, and the pain that we experience marks the new beginning.
But who are the catalysts for our growth? It may be our friends, loved ones, family members, business partners or anyone who we have met every day. And for the spiritual perspective, these may be the souls that we have agreed to meet in different lifetimes, so that we can learn our lessons from them. They may also be our soul connections from our past lives.
Whatever is the purpose of someone who act as a catalyst, the objective is to let growth enter in our lives so that when change does occur, we know how to deal with this painful process. We all have the catalysts for growth and every human beings have it, playing roles in our lives, they come and they go.

We are connected to our soul purpose and the people that we love most are usually the catalyst of our growth. If you are in love romantically, the person you have feelings may act as a catalyst. The most important thing is that we learn from these people.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Unconditional Love Is

What do we exactly mean when we say unconditional love? In my own understanding, unconditional love is like the love of God towards mankind, God gives love without anything He wants to receive. He provides sunlight, air, rain, trees etc for us to take care of what He has given. Unconditional love has a purpose, and it's a blessing. 

Romantically if you love someone but he or she doesn't reciprocate your love but you expect that person to reciprocate your feelings, that is not unconditional love, because you may have the demands towards that person to love you. Whatever your motives is, so that it will fill the space in your heart, it is not unconditional love. I believe that unconditional love has it's own way to developing it, sometimes we don't really know it is happening.

If you love someone, you wouldn't expect someone to love you inasmuch as you love that person..that is my honest understanding about unconditional love..no feelings of bitterness, frustration or anger because that person doesn't reciprocate your feelings.

Monday, January 6, 2014

My First Sunset Shot For 2014

It's New Year and the first thing that I have in mind is to take some photos of the sunset, the first sunset of the year. Unfortunately I was not able to go to Roxas Boulevard last January 1 and that was for some reasons.

Yesterday I went to Manila with my camera and tripod. At first I had some walks in Luneta Park, and did a street photography. I went inside the Chinese Botanical Garden and surprisingly had a shot of a boy with his master practicing the martial arts.

After taking some few walks in Luneta Park, I proceeded to the long Roxas Blvd where you pass the U.S. Embassy. In the aisle of the boulevard, where some massage therapists where I had a 30 minute session with Mang Jhun, while waiting for the sunset. Not long enough I took another walk and went straight were some of the yachts are berthing. You can't go inside, so I decided to take the picture of the yachts ouside.

Then I went to the long line of the seaside and went down to watch over the sunset. While preparing for my camera and tripod, I had another shot of the children cruising the sea using the plank as their boat.

This is the time when the sun is about to go down. Then the most awaited moment came when the sun was beginning to set. Having the camera prepared, I gathered my composition and the setting of my camera. It was worthwhile spending some few hours in the boulevard just to have some fun and take some shots of the sunset.

It was a fulfilling mission to be in the boulevard where people love to go places.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Last Sunset of 2013 In Wawa Park

Happy New Year!

Just a few hours before New Year, yesterday I spent time at Wawa Park in Angono, Rizal. I saw some photo enthusiasts there waiting for the last sunset for the year 2013. Some were using their dslr and some were just their mobile cameras. It was a good day to take the shot because the sun really came out from the clouds, unlike last week a few hours before Christmas, the sun never came out.

Angono is a popular town known for national artists.

Wawa park became my hub for photo shooting starting last year as sunset used to be my favorite shot. The place is just two towns away from Cainta to Angono. It takes 30 minutes only to get into the place.