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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Learning About the Twin Flame Concept

We learn about soul mates and most of us are interested to know what soul mates are and perhaps you have researched about this concept on the internet where you will see a lot of information in some web sites. Try to google and scroll down the search engine and these topics are overwhelming.  I would say most of us are interested to know who our soul mates are. We have many soul mates, and they can be our romantic partner, friends, enemies and even our family members.

But one thing that I have learned about 2 years ago was about twin flames or twin souls through a friend when I attended an event. I never knew what a twin flame was, and all that I knew was about soul mates. I became interested about it and learning from the webs, we only have one twin flame which is our ultimate soul mate. Our twin flame can be our soul mate too but not all soul mates are twin flames. It is also said that infinity, number 8 that is lying is a symbol of the twin flames.  There are a lot of people who are finding their twin flames already. Some sites said that we all have twin flames and others said that twin flames are minority and not all people have it since they are created as a whole soul. But the truth will bear that only the Universe knows if you have already met your twin flame.

I have researched from interesting sites what are the signs and symptoms of finding your twin flame. But at the end of the day, it is only your heart that can tell if you have true met your twin soul. External signs are equally important to confirm what is inside your heart that you are suspecting who your twin soul is.
The following are the signs and synchronicities that I have gathered from my research if you have met your twin flame:

·         Seeing 11:11, 1:11, 11 and other prompt number signs may be an indication that you have probably met your other half. But not everyone who sees these prompts has met their twin flames. This could also be the sign that you are awakening. Just pay attention to your thoughts and you will know the answers. The Universe will reveal to you what it means to see these triggers to lead you that you have indeed met your twin flame. It’s like a clue and sooner or later you will find out if you have truly met your twin flame.  You will also see the name of your suspected twin flame everywhere like in the billboard signs, on the streets, or even hear their names on radio and some phrases, words that you see reminding about the connection.

·         Meeting your twin flame may lead to your spiritual awakening. Some people have experienced a major shift in life, and a dark night of the soul before or upon meeting your twin soul. This spiritual partner is not always romantic since the love between them is unconditional and divine. The feelings should be mutual, and if it is not then he or she is not your twin flame. But the source will guide you upon meeting your twin flame.

·         Since twin flame is an energetic essence, they can be of the same or opposite gender. The may choose a physical body of male or female. Our energy doesn’t have sex unlike our physical body does, and that is why they can enter either on the male or female body. Twin flames may also have a long disparity when it comes to their age and some may incarnate in some parts of the world.

·         It is said that recognizing your twin flame is instant. However the case may not be always like this because that depends on the level of awareness of the person. At the end of the day, it is your heart that knows who your twin flame is. This may involve how spiritually advance the person is to identify if you have recognized this person. The soul knows, and there is always an inner knowing that you have met your spiritual partner.
·         You share the same passion and interests, but some couples are complimentary with one another.

·         Twin flames are telepathic with one another and sometimes know what the other is thinking. You say the same things more likely at the same time as it’s like your minds are one and synchronized. You are empathic with one another and can feel their emotions. When one is sad, the other may be sad too. If one is sick, the other may be sick too.

These are just some of the information I have gathered on the twin flame concept but there are still more that we can find on different sites.

Sameera Chathuranga

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