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Monday, January 6, 2014

My First Sunset Shot For 2014

It's New Year and the first thing that I have in mind is to take some photos of the sunset, the first sunset of the year. Unfortunately I was not able to go to Roxas Boulevard last January 1 and that was for some reasons.

Yesterday I went to Manila with my camera and tripod. At first I had some walks in Luneta Park, and did a street photography. I went inside the Chinese Botanical Garden and surprisingly had a shot of a boy with his master practicing the martial arts.

After taking some few walks in Luneta Park, I proceeded to the long Roxas Blvd where you pass the U.S. Embassy. In the aisle of the boulevard, where some massage therapists where I had a 30 minute session with Mang Jhun, while waiting for the sunset. Not long enough I took another walk and went straight were some of the yachts are berthing. You can't go inside, so I decided to take the picture of the yachts ouside.

Then I went to the long line of the seaside and went down to watch over the sunset. While preparing for my camera and tripod, I had another shot of the children cruising the sea using the plank as their boat.

This is the time when the sun is about to go down. Then the most awaited moment came when the sun was beginning to set. Having the camera prepared, I gathered my composition and the setting of my camera. It was worthwhile spending some few hours in the boulevard just to have some fun and take some shots of the sunset.

It was a fulfilling mission to be in the boulevard where people love to go places.

Sameera Chathuranga

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