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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Catalyst for Growth

Change is a process that remains to be part of human experience in every aspect of our lives. This allows us to evolve letting us to become more matured to deal with some of our life problems. In every change, sometimes we get the pain and we must embrace it with open arms to allow things to flow freely. We have people that we meet in every situation, and sometimes we don’t know that this person becomes a part of our learning. Our experience with them may differ, depending on the depth of how well we have interacted with someone we become close to.
The person involve through change may act as a catalyst for growth, allowing us to learn our lessons. Some may only stay for a while and exit from the scene, until another one comes in and when another person enters in our life, we will be able to apply the changes that we have gained from our experience. It’s a continuous process that sometimes we find it ambiguous. It’s like the books pages and once we are done reading the page, we turn the page to another one and have the ability to look back these pages that we have turned, or we have the choice to jump to the next chapter.
Every person have a catalyst for growth and as the changes occur, we get to know more of our selves letting us to appreciate that what we have experienced, the beauty is we see ourselves grown becoming us to be a new person, and the pain that we experience marks the new beginning.
But who are the catalysts for our growth? It may be our friends, loved ones, family members, business partners or anyone who we have met every day. And for the spiritual perspective, these may be the souls that we have agreed to meet in different lifetimes, so that we can learn our lessons from them. They may also be our soul connections from our past lives.
Whatever is the purpose of someone who act as a catalyst, the objective is to let growth enter in our lives so that when change does occur, we know how to deal with this painful process. We all have the catalysts for growth and every human beings have it, playing roles in our lives, they come and they go.

We are connected to our soul purpose and the people that we love most are usually the catalyst of our growth. If you are in love romantically, the person you have feelings may act as a catalyst. The most important thing is that we learn from these people.

Sameera Chathuranga

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