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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What For Me Is Unconditional Love

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is also a collective effort, camaraderie, and you empathize and show concern to someone who might need some supports without thinking anything in return.

I’m not trying to promote and sell something here, but what I just want to point out is my own experience of giving unconditional love to the people that I don’t even know them.  

About ten years ago I worked as a call center agent, and you know that working in a call center is a challenging job for it demands your time to solve some customer issues over the phone. It is a toxic job that requires you to work at night shift and you get one hour lunch break and two 15 minutes coffee break and for any reasons, you should be able to go back immediately without being late. Being an agent is normal to get involved to some small talks with some fellow the fellow workers. In this way, you’ll find yourself relieved from the pressures, by sharing them your experiences and sentiments concerning your customers, your job including the environment.

After a few months of being a call center agent, there was a MASS TERMINATION by the company. We were all shocked then and we didn’t even know what to do because most workers were losing their job. There was NO NOTICE at all, no meetings, and the way they terminated their employees were UNJUST and they did not abide the Philippine Labor Laws for workers. Some of them cried a lot, some were worried because it was their first job, and some of them were quite affected and later on accept the fact that they have lost their jobs.

I was there, and it happen night shift. I was quite shock of the incident and saw these call center agents crying a lot and was drowned from their own tears and talking about their sentiments. I felt sorry for them, I felt pity for them and it lets my heart melt away thinking how I could be able to help them out in my own little ways. I was always compassionate about my fellow workers since I always put my own shoes to these people and that is why, I’m always close to them because I know how it felt like to being an employee, myself.

Little did I know, my mind played around and took the initiative to report the incident to the media. I got a phone call from one of the researchers and interviewed me as far as the incident was concerned. When the media came unexpectedly to the call center, there was havoc and it interrupted the entire operation of a call center. They were surprised that outside the building was the service of news and media affairs including a popular media personality who exposes some anomalies.  I wasn’t there when this happened but I got some text messages from my friends who knew that I was the one who reported the incident to the media.

My name “JOHN” spread like wild fire even reaching the executives and human resources department.

Sometimes we don’t know that we are already giving unconditional love to the people that need our support as the problem persist not only on a personal basis, but also to the organization where you interact by showing that you also cared for them and you know how to empathize with the people at a given situation.

LEADERSHIP, I guess can be play an important role in giving unconditional love…

Sameera Chathuranga

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