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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Understanding My True Purpose of My Journey (In the U.S.)

11:11 sign on my mobile phone
The purpose of my travel in California was for my spiritual growth and any attempts I have made through that linger on my mind during that time do not constitute my true purpose.

The Universe works in mysterious ways and anything can happen that sometimes it’s hard to explain why things happened in the least and unexpected ways.  Conspired by the Universe, the guides and angels, the message may come in various forms and it can be overlooked by someone who is on the spiritual path.  The true purpose of our mystical experience is to connect with the Source, and that we are guided and the thing that we experienced is for our own spiritual growth. Sometimes we are missing the point why God allows things to happen leaving us to question ourselves and God why we have to walk through life’s ambiguity.  The answers may be vague but it becomes clearer only when you pay attention to the signs and synchronicities surrounding us. It’s not an accident why we see these signs, it happens for a reason so that we know God is giving us some messages.

Reading book while riding on a train
When I was in the U.S., I made several attempts to do my business since my clients are located in the U.S.  This trip was quite unique though, unlike my past travels that was mainly focus solely to improve the system of my e-commerce business.  My recent travel to the U.S. was dedicated for my spiritual growth, although the thought of doing the trade had already been planted, as it never come across to me that my experience was o focus on my spiritual path. I only became conscious of my spiritual purpose as time flies away with the signs and synchronicities I was receiving every day.  Most of the time I was alone and there were sad moments due to my personal predicaments.

During the course of my stay in the U.S., I brought my two mobile phones, my Nokia Lumia and Samsung Galaxy aside from my laptop. These were the things that I needed in order for me to do my business, and that also helped me to connect with my friends through my Facebook account.

The first thing God wanted me to pay attention to was not to do business using my computer. All the important files for my business were there and it just happened I have never done any backups for my files.  Few days before my computer crashed, I was watching the YOU TUBE and it stopped at exactly 11:11. When I saw the time in my computer, the time was also 11:11. It blew me away because my computer FROZE at exactly 11:11 and I had no choice but to restart it.
And few days later my laptop crashed that I could no longer access all my important files, that I could not make some sales quotes, the art files and have no access to email my client that I had to use my 2 cellular phones to answer the email of my clients.

I knew how important it is to make money through my clients so this was why I worked out the project to make the sales.  My focus was to close the US$14,000 sale in order for me to fly to Peru to see the Machu Picchu because I wanted to travel in this place to experience the mystical energy of Machu Picchu. 

I was at the Starbucks in Big Bear doing the sales quote for my client, although my laptop crashed;  I have learned to find out lately that my laptop had the capacity to access the internet using the one-push button WEB BUTTON (Sony Vaio) that quite solved my dilemma from being unable to retrieve all the files. This interface also helped me to solve my problem to read and respond to the email messages of my client without using my 2 mobile phones to check the emails.

My 2 cellular phones were a big help for calling my client using the AT& T sim card.  After doing all the multi-tasking process, from calling my supplier and the client, doing the art work, making the sales quote and sending email, my heart broke as my client answered as she decided to go to another vendor to place an order.  Losing the US$14,000 sales deal means, that I lost my dream too, and that the project was not really meant to happen for me.

So I learned my lesson from this experience, that it’s not my time yet to do the business and that the purpose of my travel in the U.S. is for my spiritual growth.  God may have sent me His message like this, “No John, this is not for you, I just want you to know why it never happened is for you to learn your lessons here with no expectation that things like this will not happen, and it’s for you to take up your lesson and learned from it!”
So I had to let go, and that God was not playing around with me but to embrace this experience with open arms.

As I mentioned earlier, aside from my laptop I brought my 2 mobile phones; one was my NOKIA Lumia and the other one was my SAMSUNG Ace.  We know how important cell phones are because we use this for personal and other means.  I use my Samsung phone to receive text messages from the Philippines and I use my Nokia to send text messages to the Philippines, and to be able that my cousin and friends in the U.S. can text or call me anytime.

Starbucks, Big Bear
The story did not end there, as some incidents happened in the course of my journey. The test to endure continues as I still go ahead and I may have despised my spiritual purpose.

I use my Nokia phone to call my client as it had a micro sim card on it. Every day I walk approximately 4 kilometers and I love to walk as Starbucks was few distances away from my cousin’s house. As part of my exercise, I consumed some calories by walking about an hour going back and forth.

I usually go home from Starbucks to my cousin’s house at 9:30pm. Just to cut the story short, while on my home I was using my Nokia phone and suddenly it slipped from my fingers and dropped my phone. When I picked it up I realized that the screen broke and no matter how I touch the screed to access some applications, it did not work and that also made me unable to call my client. I got desperate that the following day I had to detach the micro sim card and see if that work by transferring the sim to my Samsung phone.  I became stupid through my action and as soon as I put the micro sim to my Samsung, it did not work that I had to take the sim card off from my other phone.  I tried to but I had a hard time pulling off the sim card from my Samsung phone.  I bought a screw driver from a dollar store to alter the sim card holder of the phone and when I returned the regular sim card to my Samsung , it no longer worked and I tried to unscrewed the body.

The incidents left me to become frustrated as I no longer had the choice to call one of my clients for the order but to use a pay phone outside to communicate with another client.

My mobile phones were no longer working that if I had to bring it to the repair shop that would cost me to pay extra and my flight going back to the Philippines was imminent.

God gave me the message that was clear, that the reason of my travel in California was for my spiritual growth where He planned everything for me, that I should not go against my purpose and anything that I did beyond that purpose may not happen at that time.

But I thank the Lord our God for making me realize why things happened that I should continue to trust Jesus.  I was enlightened though making me feel better three weeks before I left California.

Sameera Chathuranga

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