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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baras, Rizal: Saint Joseph Parish Church

Facade of Baras Church
I am always fascinated by the mysticism of the church the moment I set my feet off to some of the captivating places I have visited in the past.  The church always appeals me because some of them have a historical relevance attached to a place as the church exists for more than hundred years old.  As landmark to every town, the church also serves as a sign that you have gotten the place.  The gritty look of the old church reminds us that we were colonized by Spain and it was of the different orders who brought Christianity to our country.

Internal design of the church

I had a short trip yesterday and made a visit to St. Joseph Parish church in Baras, Rizal.  Known as Baras church by the locals, the structure was built 300 years ago.  The Franciscan built the original church in 1595.  The dimly-lit cold interior is more interesting as the hall is accented by the large golden altar of the images of saints, and the rough timber beams gave most of the rustic feel of the church.  It is vintage plain and simple, and the look has a strong character that conveys its historical background.

There was a graduation event going on at the vicinity of Baras Church and what I had to do is to leave the place as early as I can.  There were vendors outside selling some foods and what caught my attention was the ice scramble as it was very hot due to summer season.
Bell Tower
Upstari to Bell Tower
Ice Scramble Vendor
A taste of iced scramble after the visit

Going to Baras Church is easy and you can take jeepneys bound for Tanay, Rizal.  Ask the driver to drop you off to the Municipal Hall and a 5-minute walk uphill to the church.  Travel time depends on where you came from.  From Cainta, Ortigas extension, it’s more or less one and a half travel time if you are taking a jeepney ride.

Sameera Chathuranga

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