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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silangan Gardens’ Pinto Art Museum

I have a huge appreciation for the arts and basically I have an eye for it although I have a little skill that is below par compared to the children’s art work.   There is a burning passion waiting to be tapped and in hope that one day I will have time to do draw my own art work.  This reminds me when I was just a kid because as a kid I always love to draw a picturesque of the nature like mountains, the sun and the seas.  And I remember during my elementary years in school I won twice in the drawing contests.  My interest vanished because being a kid I realized that I could sing that later in my life my talent molded me to become an occasional singer/entertainer.  And I felt that seeing these art works have an instant connection in me that words cannot describe.

The chapel in the garden

There's also a cafe lounge at the museum

But how did I find out about this art museum at Antipolo?  I google some tourist spots in Rizal province and later on in one of the blogs it featured Silangan Gardens. I was quite curious as few years back I visited Balaw Balaw in Angono where some art works are displayed in the said exotic restaurant.  I never thought that aside from Angono, Rizal, the arts capital of the Philippines, you can find some art works and sculptures in this town.

In my impression, Silangan Gardens' Pinto Art Museum houses local artists with their respective masterpiece into the Mexican inspired garden.  Since the place rises at Antipolo, you can also see the view of the city skyscrapers of Ortigas Center.

It’s not hard to find Pinto Art Museum of Antipolo, Rizal.  If you are coming from Cubao, you can take the FX and tell the driver to drop you off at Ynares.   And from Ynares you can ride the tricycle going to the Grand Heights Subdivision and let the driver know that you are heading up the Pinto Art Musem.  The tricycle ride is 40 pesos one way and the fare is not per head. You can reach your destination in less than 10 minutes.  The entrance fee of the Pinto Art Museum is 150 pesos.

Silangan Gardens has a size of one hectare.  There’s a lot of art work at Silangan Gardens made by different artists like Jim Orencio and Antonio Leano.  Honestly because there were so many masterpiece in the garden, I can’t mention them one by one. The arts were overwhelming as you can see the beauty in every masterpiece at the core of the garden.  But one of the masterpiece that I like most is "Oblivious" by Stephanie Lopez.  There were so many great masterpiece displayed at the Silangan Gardens and big as it is, an hour tour in the garden will not be enough to get through of the tour.  There were so many rooms that display all the art works.


I stayed at the museum for more than 2 hours and could not help myself but to sit down and relax a little because there were so many things to see in the garden aside from the masterpiece in every room.  As a Rizalian resident, it makes me feel proud to see a hub that houses some of the local artist as big as Pinto Art Museum.

Sameera Chathuranga

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