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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Summer Getaway

It's summer. That's the first thing we can think of once we are in the month of March. And maybe, you are thinking of something you can do this summer. Some may think of getaways by spending time either on the sea or in the mountain well just what I have in my mind right now. I just want go to the beach and have some fun, and watch the sunset as the wind chills towards my body. It's been quite a while since the last time I had some getaways. And when I go it means relaxation.

I was with some of my peers yesterday riding a taxi on our way to U.P. Diliman for a car show. I was listening on a radio because one thing that caught my attention was the song being played popularized by Christopher Cross entitled "Sailing". The song was some kinda relaxing as the message of the song resonate me. I was thinking of the getaways like spending time at the sea. Early this morning I typed on Sailing by Christopher Cross in YouTube and had a chance to listen to it once more. Upon reading the lyrics, this really made me think that I need some getaways. Honestly as soon as I got home last night, I was already thinking to spend some time in the country side.

If you are on the beach or any place that has something to do with the nature, you have the chance to re-think as anything toxic have to be released. Sometimes that's the reason why you want to rusticate to the country side. Release everything that is no longer serving you. In that way you feel refresh again.

Well, I'm still thinking where to go and just what I have said, either on the beach on the mountain.

Sameera Chathuranga

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