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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Calayan Island Adventure: The Lampitaw Boat Ride

There are two ways of getting to Calayan Island. Lampitaw boats sail from the town of Aparri and Claveria.  M/V Eagle is the only ferry that sails to Calayan Island from Aparri.  In my case, I was scheduled to ride M/V Eagle Thursday morning, but I was not able to make it because my contact person from Calayan who made a booking for me, at the last minute said that the Eagle Ferry leaves Thursday instead of Friday.  I took the bus going to Tuguegarao and arrived Thursday night and the following day I the van took to Claveria.  Lampitaw boat leaves Saturday and my contact person from Calayan made another booking for me via M/B Jason in Claveria on Saturday. 

A lampitaw boat ride M/B Jason
The crew takes the goods to the ship and a small wood serves as the bridge to go up the boat
Tagat Lagoon at sunrise

From Agri-based lodge in Claveria, the tricycle driver fetched me at 4:30 a.m. and took me toTagat Lagoon where M/B Jason berthed.
Some of the passengers on board M/B Jason
Some of the crew having siesta at the bow of the boat
crew members caught a pantranco fish
Lampitaw boat is a vessel originally designed to transport goods and only few passengers are allowed to ride this boat.  Going to Calayan Island from Tuguegarao, and vice versa take 5-6 hour ride and sometimes it’s more than that depending on the weather condition and during rough sea, lampitaw sails slowly.  There’s a possibility that you will get wet so make sure that you cover your things with plastics.

you can get wet through a water while on your way to the island
There is no seats on lampitaw boat and you can find some few spaces where you can sit down. 
While the boat was in the middle of the sea,  the “tripulante” was able to catch a fish and they call it “Pantranco”, a yellow greenish-color fish with a scientific name “Coryphaena Hippurus”.  Its size is nearly 20 pounds.  According to one of the crew, they usually are able to catch this kind of fish and make it as sinigang and kinilaw.

During arrival

Panoramic view of lampitaw boat as it docks in Calayan island
After a 5-hour lampitaw ride, finally the boat arrived in the island.  A small-size wood serves as the bridge for passengers from getting on and off the boat and that means your feet will get wet into the water. 
I took the tricycle going to poblacion, where TPS Homestay is located.  I was met by the owner of the homestay, Tessie and showed me the sleeping quarter for the visitors.  I took a rest for a few hours.

TPS Homestay front view

Tessie's TPS Homestay
Tessie's fruit wine

Before the sunset I went out and find a grocery store and bakery where I had my merienda and I took the walk and saw the municipal hall, the gymnasium and these are just beside the sea.  M/V Eagle ferry docks just in front of the municipal hall.
My first sunset experience in Calayan
My ultimate sunset shot for the day

I waited for the sunset and finally took a sunset shot.  I took my dinner with the noodle cups and bread I bought from the grocery store.

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