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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ligao, Albay: Kawa-Kawa Natural Park and Sunflower Farm

I’ve heard about the Sunflower Farm in Ligao, Albay featured from one of the television shows over a year ago.  From then I thought about visiting the farm to see the sunflowers.  I love flowers though, and see them bloom in the field on summer.  When I was in California, I tried to go to see some wild flowers but unfortunately it was wrong timing because they bloom in the field on April.  That was the thought I had after it was featured on the television about the sunflowers in Ligao City.
The church on the way to sunflower farm

Thestart of the trail going to the park
Souvernir items sold by the vendors
The last summer image
Image of Jesus Christ as part of the Station of the Cross in the Park
The trail going to the farm

When I was in Bicol during Holy Week, my relative mentioned to me about visiting the sunflower farm in Ligao.  That’s when I remember about the farm and how I love to go in that place but I was never serious about it until I decided to go to Legazpi, Albay on Maundy Thursday to see some old churches and a spot to shoot Mount Mayon.  While on my way to Legazpi, we passed to Ligao and saw the sign of Kawa-Kawa along the road.  Upon reaching Legazpi while inside thePacific Mall, I took my tab and googled sunflower in Ligao and Kawa-Kawa.

One of the images of Station of the Cross
Sunflower farm where people take pictures
This is what you see uphill
After some visits to the old churches in Legazpi and Daraga, I took the jeepney going to Ligao.  Ligao is approximately 30 minutes ride when you commute and you can ask the driver to drop you off to Kawi-Kawi.  And from Kawa-Kawa you can take the tricycle  going up to the Kawa-Kawa Natural Park.  Since it was Holy Week, a lot of tourists visited the park because the park itself is where you can some images of Station of the Cross which serves as religious destination too.  You walk to the trail and the trekking takes around 20-30 minutes to reach sunflower farm.  Along way you can find a small coffee shop as stop-over.
the sunflower experience

At the hilltop is where you can see people sitting at the green grass and it also served as a picnic ground. 
By past 5 p.m. I decided to go down and walk till I reached the high way and take the bus going back to Naga City.

Sameera Chathuranga

7 Responses So Far:

Anonymous said...

should be Kawa-kawa

Unknown said...

What time of the year does the sunflower is at it's full bloom?

john said...

Hi Froilan, it should be from March to May..thanks.

Anonymous said...

So I will not be able to see the sun flower on Jan. 28??

Anonymous said...

1st-2nd week of April, full-bloom

Anonymous said...

Hm per flower?

Georgina said...

Thanks for the info bout this :)