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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Just A Glimpse of Jalajala, Rizal

I have been researching about Jala-Jala, a tip-most town in Rizal Province just after Pililia.  I got curious about going to this town and in my researches, I have had few information gotten from the bloggers.  According to Wikipedia, Jalajala is a fourth class municipality of Rizal. with  more than 30,000 population as of 2010 census.  Southeast of Manila, it lies on eastern part of Rizal in the largest freshwater lake, Laguna de Bay.

Since getting to Jalajala was just short, I have never tried to cross the town proper and I let the jeepney driver to drop me off where I could walk to the nearest lake.  The local I have talked to informed me that jeepneys going back to Tanay, Rizal is up to 6 p.m. only so I really had a short stint in Jalajala.  I had few more pictures taken and when you get there, you can go to the lake where you can see and take photos of the setting sun.

I don't have much to say about Jalajala yet but will go back soon for more photo stints.

Sameera Chathuranga

3 Responses So Far:

Iodine Cerium said...

Jalajala, Rizal is my province. In fact, sa mga photos mo,halos sa backyard namin yan :) all i can say about Jalajala is, it is, this is one of the most wonderful place our Mother Earth can offer. It has unique features and very peaceful environment. You can feel the simplicity of life but exhibits a picturesque and dramatic view. Sabi ko nga pag naging film maker ako someday isa to sa mga magiging setting ko. All we can do is to look around and appreciate because this town is very underrated.

Iodine Cerium said...

Jalajala is our prqovince. In fact, yung nasa photos mo halos backyard namin yan-yung nearest house na makikita mo riyan amin yun hehe. All i can say about this place is... This is one of the wonderful place where you can feel the love of Mother Nature. It has a unique afeatures, picturesque and dramatic view. Sabi ko nga, pag naging film maker ako isa tonsa magiging setting ko. You can feel the simplicity of life with this place. All we can do is look around and appreciate because Jalajala is underrated. I am really really glad this is my province.

john said...

Hi Iodine,

Thank you for leaving a comment to my blog. Yes I like Jala-Jala too. It is a simple living out there. I can't believe that I could see some fish vendors along the high way selling big fishes. I still plan to go back there and will be looking for some few good spots for my photography. It could be a big help when you can suggest one, especially you see the sunset on the day.