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Friday, June 13, 2014

On Assignment: Exploring Some Parts of Southern California

At last I was able to submit my photo narrative entry for KLM On Assignment.  My entry was about my experience in walking while in Southern California.  During my six-month stay in California, I have walked a lot to have some glimpse of the moments and capture it with my camera, and collectively I have made more than a hundred miles in walking alone. It wasn't an easy experience, there was always some challenges while walking along the roads.  As I walk, I always have my heavy bag on my shoulder where inside is my camera and laptop.  I have sum up all my experiences and the photos I have taken during my walks in some parts of California.  It paid off though.

I had a hard time choosing and editing my photos prior from the submission I have made to On Assignment website.  First, my laptop shut down automatically and I brought my laptop for 4 times in the technician and with that I never knew if it would be fixed totally since I have all the photos in the hard drive of my computer.  It got overheat, the first time the technician diagnose it. Then it followed with different works that I finally brought my laptop to Gilmore and when it got fixed, then it still shut down.  So I brought it back hoping it will be fixed.  Finally they got it fixed and was able to submit my photos to the On Assignment website.

So here's the link of my entry:

Exploring Some Parts of Southern California

Sameera Chathuranga

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