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Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Thought About Forgiveness

We are humans capable of doing mistakes, and these words have been heard a couple a lot from our peers and the people around us.  And this is due to the error that one has made and this is why  rationalization takes place.  Everything that happen to us, good or bad, we pick up some lessons.  And these lessons come from the people of maybe who stayed with us whether for a short period of time or for life.  Every experience we learn from our mistakes is an opportunity to grow and people may have hurt us, maybe a couple of times.

If our friends or loved ones who did something wrong,  sometimes it leaves a scar in our heart.  That scar with the gravity of hurt you have felt takes time to heal the wounds.

Forgiveness does not happen overnight.  And sometimes we have to let the time heal the wound.  And the wound heals itself when time flies. And as you go along with your life you may be ready to face the reality that you have indeed forgiven.  I can't really say that I forgive you immediately.  Every experience is unique, every journey is different and every person have some degrees when it's time to forgive.

Remember, forgiveness is a state when you know that your heart is willing to be at peace in due time.  Time is worth waiting.

Sameera Chathuranga

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