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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Madrigal Coat of Arm

I've been into research about my blood line and origin of my family in Spain.  I find it complex tracing a root, since our ascendants have spread maybe all over the world.  My last name is Madrigal and it can't be denied that I am truly Madrigal.  Madrigal means song according to dictionary, so it's not not common that there is a choir group named Madrigal Singers.

If I am given a chance, I want to go to Spain and see if I can trace our root and meet some of the relatives there. It could be hard though but maybe I can do that.  I hope I can go to Spain someday.

My dad went to Spain before and was able to find the Madrigal Coat of Arms signifying that we are part of the blood line.  That is our seal attesting that we are part of the Madrigal.  Possibly I have a royal blood line, haha,,but I hope so,

Sameera Chathuranga

1 Responses So Far:

Unknown said...

yes indeed you have a royal bloodline..(musta kuya)