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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Leaving the Year 2014

This is my last entry for the year 2014.  Just a few hours left and it’s going to be New Year.  As I make some reflections for this year, it’s time to look back what is going to be part of the past.  This is the time also that I am going to throw away some things what will no longer serve me.  No matter what the memories will always be there, may it be good or bad. 

Memories of places, people and events will always serve as something to remind me about the year 2014; for they have lessons to learn; some people who stay or leave behind the scene,  it’s not going to separate me from thinking about them, after all they will always be there clinging in my head for always.

Two things that will ponder you about me; either you will love me or hate me.  To those who love me are my guides and source of my wisdom and inspiration. These people will always continue to support me in my journey.  If some hates me of being who I am, I will always thank you, you too are the source of my wisdom because whatever things you have hated about me is also a time to reflect what I have been through with them and without them, moments will always be dull.  Things you have hated about me will serve as an motivation that will let me push through whatever things I have started.

As the New Year enters, it is a new start, a new hope and more freedom to live the way my Higher Self directs me to do the things that I should be doing.

I want all my sentiments to be forgotten, all the bad things happened to be forgotten and the deeds of the people who caused me pain whether intentionally and unintentionally be forgotten.  I want to have a beautiful year ahead and all the things I've been aspiring will come into fruit.

Tonight I will look for the star and make some wishes and tonight will also the best time to pray and ask God for any help, thank him for anything he blessed me for the year 2014; and ask him to give me more blessings.
I will watch for the fireworks as we enter 2015, and as I watch them spark in the sky, I’ll think about every moment happened to me in 2014, beautiful and ugly, happiness and sadness.

Thank you God, for watching over me and my loved ones.

Friday, December 26, 2014

We Are Here to Learn

I chatted with one of my Facebook friends to listen to me without any form of judgment and just to feel that I would be enlightened by its viewpoint.  The absence of judgment based on my story is what I seek, and to become impartial of my side.  To listen up to me lets me release my own sentiments as this was part of the healing process.  It is given that my personality is I become anxious once I am being attacked by some unresolved issues, and it doesn’t matter who the person is involve.  Since then, I was like that.  I may be misinterpreted by those people who may not know me well, and once they get to know me, perhaps they would understand what I mean.  Healing does a lot of work, in order to say that you are completely healed.  It does not happen overnight, it may take time based on what has been the cause of the issue as this emotional baggage has to be released as you continue to move forward.

When my friend knew what has transpired after telling my story, she never misunderstood me.  She puts emphasis on the learning process as she said that we are here to learn. I definitely agree with her.  Any things happened, whether it’s good or bad is an opportunity to learn.  It is an opportunity to learn with another person, to learn from their mistakes and to learn from my own mistake. And I just realized that blaming makes no sense.  We don’t have to dig on the past issues as this would only intensify the situation.  The learning process is just part of the recuperation period, though it may not happen immediately as it may be gradual until you have fully accept and understand what triggered to make things happened.
It’s true that any issues will resolve itself as time goes by and being aware of this helps us understand that this is just only part of the learning process.  All we need is just a little understanding anything that we may have done, whether something did wrong or not. 

Forgiveness is the key to learning.  Once you say I’m so sorry this implies that you are ready to resolve the issue.  You may do it again, that is because you are still learning from it and CHANGE does not happen immediately.  It will take some time, and through the learning process is just the beginning of one’s change. 
I kept the FAITH that God put us is the situation to HEAL and GROW with what we have learned from our wounds that surfaced us.  No guilt feelings, no “buts and if only’s” as we continue to walk in the path.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some Random Thoughts

These are some of my thoughts and quotes that I have written and shared with that I find it valuable.  Honestly, I never thought I could write some of these.  It's just that things that I wrote came from my heart.  This is just only my first part and I plan to write and collect and compile everything I have written.

At one point in my life when I was far away, it made me realized of who I am.  I was finding myself, but soon enough I can only find myself inside me. God made that happened.  Everything...

What do we exactly mean when we say unconditional love?
In my own understanding, unconditional love is like the love
of God towards mankind, God gives love without anything He 
wants to receive. He gives sunlight, rain, trees etc for us to take
care of what He has given. Unconditional love has a purpose. Romantically
if you love someone but doesn't reciprocate you but you expect that person
to reciprocate your feelings, that is not unconditional love, because you
may have the demands over that person to love you ...
If you love someone, you wouldn't expect someone to love you inasmuch as you
love that person..that is my honest understanding about unconditional love..no
feelings of bitterness, frustration or anger because that person doesn't reciprocate your feelings...

Being straight-forward because you are voicing out doesn't mean any hostility towards a person or any situation. It is a principle of a person to show what he or she feels and thinks what is right.

Just want to dedicate this photo to MYSELF, so that when I stare this picture I will feel better because I know I did great for shooting this beautiful scenery. And this work of art, at the time will remind me how everything came into the right places …there were ups and downs to learn though, to learn from my great conviction, that some things may not always be in a rosy experience …And I learned that no matter how you fight for your conviction, if it is not time yet….it may not happen…but more importantly is I KNOW HOW TO FIGHT, ALTHOUGH IT HURTS ME SO MUCH WHEN I LOST IN A BATTLE…SO MUCH OF THE EXCRUCIATING PAINS INFLICTED IN ME BECAUSE OF THE PROCESS THAT GOES BEYOND MY CONTROL… AND we are just HUMAN, who could easily get HURT and I don’t mean any drama here…maybe I’m just being of myself, and I could not hide away what I’m feeling right now…it’s just me..That even super human has no exception from surpassing the emotion…
And I want to get this pass by just looking on this beautiful picture, if this is the only way that I could feel better and go ahead in the NOW moment..

Express your care and concern when someone is in trouble, when someone has a problem, even when you are not close to them...because that's the best way to show that we are indeed one...try to verbalize something when you can't..finding out when they care about you...makes your heart jump into joy...

You know how Divine Love can transform everyone. Divine Love is the highest form of love coming from the Source/God. Divine Love is the truest love that transcends human consciousness. bypassing what we have been literally conditioned to WORSHIP God that in fact we don't really have to...because when Divine Love sparks in our hearts, that itself can change us to become more authentic, and become ONE with the Source...

And we don't have to install WORSHIPING God in the minds out of FEAR...and that if we don't serve/worship God, we go to HELL...for that is indeed a fear-driven principle....
And what did Jesus taught us? "Love one another as I have loved you" That is the simple words and yet powerful...

But I do respect all these beliefs saying we have to worship GOD, a gateway to HEAVEN...maybe that has become an obligation to worship God.

Higher learning and Knowledge is just a choice but the most. important is love
and compassion..because when you have it, God will automatically give you the wisdom that is the most essential in one's journey...

 I remember those sadness filled in my eyes as part of my journey that soon enough gave me the opportunity to grow..Through the times of my travel was a learning experience though..now I feel so blessed and I hope this happiness that I felt at this moment will last for a lifetime..

Monday, December 22, 2014

Being Real

I still have a few hang over left when it comes to my recent experiences concerning my relationship from the people that I know in the path.  As these things bring me to the new level, I had some glimpse of the few moments of the good and the bad and either way, these experiences simply had some lessons to learn.

I trust too much, and maybe I expect too much to a point that I thought some of the things that I express could simply mean change the whole thing.  Maybe because I thought that once you are in the path, it is understandable that you experience these predicaments. It did change the whole thing, but the perception that I had, had different outcome.

I can't blame myself for being harsh to some of my views to the things I have expressed. A thought that I could not stop saying it and I am just being of myself - and this I thought someone would understand me, why I was just like this.  Yes, it's always given that we are not perfect. I'm just being humane feeling of who I am, not withstanding any outcome it could take.  For I cannot impose myself anything that would IMPRISONED me.

I was never like this before.  Maybe because of my past experiences taught me how to be more outspoken.  Maybe because before I was just a little quiet and diffident and one thing I remember why I became like this was because of my EXPERIENCE and that became my GREATEST teacher of all.

Until one day, I woke up wondering why it HAPPENED. I have no regrets of the things I did, not because of my PRIDE.  Because I know that deep in my heart it was REALLY me.  I was just only being REAL maybe that criticism I have thrown did not do anything good, but it was ME.

What I AM today I accept and whatever change that some things that occur to me was just the REDUNDANCY of my past experiences of bits and pieces, a product of some incidents in the past.

Unconditionally I accept myself even if my experiences had taught me how to became a MONSTER, and I still LOVE myself for that.

God knows no condition. God never became CHOOSY and  That's why I LOVE GOD over anyone else.

If I have some fears of losing some things, the way that I am today was just an outlet so that I would be able to overcome them.

I want to hear GOD talking to me again.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Understanding The Path

The path is not we think that is easy. It purges you to become who you really are. Sometimes you think you are giving up. It crashes your heart and soul without realizing that in the end it brings the best and worst in you. You will meet a lot of people in the path. Some are supportive of you and some will rise above you. You do not know what would gonna happen as everything seem to tear you down. Sometimes you have wished it had never happened to you but there is no turning back..no you can't go back no matter how you wish for it. How you wish for those better days, and how you wish you are just in the banal position. You ask God for a help and hold for the truth of what you believe in, stand for the faith that has already been installed to you....how I wish this had never happened to me and one day how I wish I was still the same person as before..-but I guess I can no longer go back there. My own soul is tearing me apart...

Monday, December 8, 2014

I-Witness Docufest 2014

Over a week a go, I was invited to take some shots for GMA-7's I-Witness Docufest.  The event was held in SM Megamall at Cinema 9.  I won't elaborate about the whole scenario but the event is part of their 15 year anniversary presentation where some of their hosts took part of the said event.  Television personalities like Sandra Aguinaldo, Arnold Clavio, Jay Taruc, Kara David, Mariz Umali and Howie Severino were there to grace the celebration. After featuring some of the documentaries, there was a forum and it was followed by autograph signing.

It was indeed a great experience to see some of these hosts face to face and I get to interact with them once in a while as I took them photos.  I love documentary films especially if it was made by GMA-7.