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Monday, December 22, 2014

Being Real

I still have a few hang over left when it comes to my recent experiences concerning my relationship from the people that I know in the path.  As these things bring me to the new level, I had some glimpse of the few moments of the good and the bad and either way, these experiences simply had some lessons to learn.

I trust too much, and maybe I expect too much to a point that I thought some of the things that I express could simply mean change the whole thing.  Maybe because I thought that once you are in the path, it is understandable that you experience these predicaments. It did change the whole thing, but the perception that I had, had different outcome.

I can't blame myself for being harsh to some of my views to the things I have expressed. A thought that I could not stop saying it and I am just being of myself - and this I thought someone would understand me, why I was just like this.  Yes, it's always given that we are not perfect. I'm just being humane feeling of who I am, not withstanding any outcome it could take.  For I cannot impose myself anything that would IMPRISONED me.

I was never like this before.  Maybe because of my past experiences taught me how to be more outspoken.  Maybe because before I was just a little quiet and diffident and one thing I remember why I became like this was because of my EXPERIENCE and that became my GREATEST teacher of all.

Until one day, I woke up wondering why it HAPPENED. I have no regrets of the things I did, not because of my PRIDE.  Because I know that deep in my heart it was REALLY me.  I was just only being REAL maybe that criticism I have thrown did not do anything good, but it was ME.

What I AM today I accept and whatever change that some things that occur to me was just the REDUNDANCY of my past experiences of bits and pieces, a product of some incidents in the past.

Unconditionally I accept myself even if my experiences had taught me how to became a MONSTER, and I still LOVE myself for that.

God knows no condition. God never became CHOOSY and  That's why I LOVE GOD over anyone else.

If I have some fears of losing some things, the way that I am today was just an outlet so that I would be able to overcome them.

I want to hear GOD talking to me again.

Sameera Chathuranga

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