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Monday, December 15, 2014

Understanding The Path

The path is not we think that is easy. It purges you to become who you really are. Sometimes you think you are giving up. It crashes your heart and soul without realizing that in the end it brings the best and worst in you. You will meet a lot of people in the path. Some are supportive of you and some will rise above you. You do not know what would gonna happen as everything seem to tear you down. Sometimes you have wished it had never happened to you but there is no turning back..no you can't go back no matter how you wish for it. How you wish for those better days, and how you wish you are just in the banal position. You ask God for a help and hold for the truth of what you believe in, stand for the faith that has already been installed to you....how I wish this had never happened to me and one day how I wish I was still the same person as before..-but I guess I can no longer go back there. My own soul is tearing me apart...

Sameera Chathuranga

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