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Friday, December 26, 2014

We Are Here to Learn

I chatted with one of my Facebook friends to listen to me without any form of judgment and just to feel that I would be enlightened by its viewpoint.  The absence of judgment based on my story is what I seek, and to become impartial of my side.  To listen up to me lets me release my own sentiments as this was part of the healing process.  It is given that my personality is I become anxious once I am being attacked by some unresolved issues, and it doesn’t matter who the person is involve.  Since then, I was like that.  I may be misinterpreted by those people who may not know me well, and once they get to know me, perhaps they would understand what I mean.  Healing does a lot of work, in order to say that you are completely healed.  It does not happen overnight, it may take time based on what has been the cause of the issue as this emotional baggage has to be released as you continue to move forward.

When my friend knew what has transpired after telling my story, she never misunderstood me.  She puts emphasis on the learning process as she said that we are here to learn. I definitely agree with her.  Any things happened, whether it’s good or bad is an opportunity to learn.  It is an opportunity to learn with another person, to learn from their mistakes and to learn from my own mistake. And I just realized that blaming makes no sense.  We don’t have to dig on the past issues as this would only intensify the situation.  The learning process is just part of the recuperation period, though it may not happen immediately as it may be gradual until you have fully accept and understand what triggered to make things happened.
It’s true that any issues will resolve itself as time goes by and being aware of this helps us understand that this is just only part of the learning process.  All we need is just a little understanding anything that we may have done, whether something did wrong or not. 

Forgiveness is the key to learning.  Once you say I’m so sorry this implies that you are ready to resolve the issue.  You may do it again, that is because you are still learning from it and CHANGE does not happen immediately.  It will take some time, and through the learning process is just the beginning of one’s change. 
I kept the FAITH that God put us is the situation to HEAL and GROW with what we have learned from our wounds that surfaced us.  No guilt feelings, no “buts and if only’s” as we continue to walk in the path.

Sameera Chathuranga

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