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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trusting My Instinct

Recently I had a rift with one of my Facebook friends that lead to deleting me in one of his friend’s lists.  The issue was so simple and can be easily resolved if both of us will agree to talk about it heart to heart.  Unfortunately it did not happen and we had a word war that caused ourselves to block one another in Facebook.   Prior to this rift, we had one that we were able to resolve it.  Just to cut the story short, I won’t elaborate the incident but this insight will explain how my instinct worked with me.

After our first misunderstanding happened, we had reconciliation and some issues went passed already.  I have two accounts on Facebook, the first one I was active and I seldom visit my second account.  In one of the spiritual groups of Facebook, this person administers the group where I was a member for both Facebook account.  In my first account of that spiritual group I deleted myself due to misunderstanding of some of the members and the one that was left was my second Facebook account that I was still being a member of that group.  Since I seldom use my second account I lose sight of being a member of the same spiritual group.

Here’s the big part why my instinct was working.  After we had resolved our issues, it seemed that I ‘d like to visit my second Facebook account. My soul searched for something until I’ve finally was abl;e to solve that piece of puzzle and alas, I found out that I was deleted from the spiritual group.  And the next thing I have found out that this person blocked me on my second account that we were not even friends for the second one, although we were friends on my first account.  My soul pushed me to dig something more out of this incident that it validated that my 6th sense was working with me.  I was able to find out that it was really his intention to do these things even if we had truce for the first misunderstanding that we had.  He planned it out that he thought I won’t be able to find out but it seemed that he faked his truce on me but at the back of his mind he already planned was he’s going to do.

Our instinct works based on what we can observe from other people who we are connected with.  Just like what happened 6 years ago when I was able to find out too that my associate cheated me and found out through his email.  It was just that something pushed me to open this person’s email account since I also had an access to his business email.

This is how our sixth sense works, it guides us to solve a piece of puzzle and maybe an angel is whispering something in our ear so we can find out something wrong is happening.

Sameera Chathuranga

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