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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Becoming A Monster

What makes a person become a monster sometimes? When a person is being provoked by certainties. Negative response that resulted someone being provoked and irritated cannot be justified. A matter of courtesy sometimes, a matter of choice of being careful not to cause someone to flare up. Things happened irrationally because people have different levels of sensitivity. At that moment, you do not own a person's feeling once he or she have some reactions to what has been done. It's like you are putting an energy to a person that makes him to react to a certain situation thus in return making him look like he has a problem and has negative energy. Try to evaluate first by being careful not to let someone being provoked and become a monster out of your own energy..

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs of a False Light

The path is complicated and sometimes we do not know which one you can lead to. The path has a lot of thorns and sometimes seekers may not be able to identify which path is the true one.  We need guidance that is why it is important to always pray and ask for discernment.  Knowledge is not enough, we need to ask God to come into our life so that you will be able to know what the true discernment is.  Some people will say they have discerned it and it's easy to say that.  Knowledge and discernment are these two that we should consider while we walk into the path.  Yes I have been a seeker, but these are the things that I believe to be a false light.  There are still a lot of red flags to be considered before determining which one is the false light.

• That Jesus also incarnated through another person.
• They deny Jesus as the true Son of God as they treat Jesus as ascended master and a teacher, just like Buddha, etc.
• They teach you to detach from your feelings.
• That we are all Gods and can manifest anything that we want.
• Deny the existence of sins.
• They deny the teachings of the Holy Bible.
• They worship themselves and a person who would consider them as the “master.”

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How It Feels Like to be Ostracized

People need people. People need to be understood, to be loved, to be comforted and to make a difference based on their capacity and contribution.  When they are recognized, it becomes a way that his moral is boost and lets him become inspired towards what he is passionate about and maybe shares his experiences to others.  Appreciation and belongingness are basic human needs and can invoke his will to value his friendship towards the other people around.

Often times we experience ostracism.  When ostracism is experienced by a person, it affects a person on different levels.  And once being deprived, it impairs his basic human needs, his self esteem and belongingness including his meaningful existence.  Anxiety level is dramatically raised and can possibly cause depression.

But how does it feel like when you are ostracized?  In my own experience, it cuts like a knife and is similar to death of loved ones.  Basically it is a social death. You become helpless and it feels like you are not worthy of any attention at all.   Although it can possibly spur your spiritual growth from this experience, its process is difficult since a person is affected emotionally and physically.  It is hard to let go although it may take some time to fully recover and heal from this situation.  It distracts your mind to do the things that you want to do, it’s hard to concentrate but a person needs to overcome the process and survive from this predicament.

Being ostracized, although it’s a negative thing can bring a person to another level.  When he recovers, it may let him understand why it happened and develop his compassion, humility, love and understanding to those people around, especially to some people who have been on his shoes.
Healing requires when a person is ostracized.  It requires having someone to talk to like your friends, network of people, and in a social place.  In that way, it will make positive changes to your self