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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting Poisoned

Energy can play a trick and overshadows you to believe that something is really true.  Sometimes a person can be vulnerable by someone's energetic essence, especially when the doer has a strong and dominant energy.  Sometimes you forget to protect yourself from this vulnerability. You ought to believe them and little did you know, it traps you when the mind has been controlled by someone who is a perpetrator. They buy your loyalty because they appear to be friendly and nice but as the time go by, you'll feel you are being tricked as circumstances will naturally unmasked their real motive.

At first they will appear to side you and act as your ally.  The perpetrator will convince you that he or she is real, and happens to be the "friendliest" person, generous and a giver.  Unfortunately when things started to be unleashed, the true colors will just show in due time.  This will naturally happen as you go along.  And you will realized, you have been poisoned to believe them.  This will be untapped when they will no longer control you or not believe them on something.  They are the best manipulator and can influence and deceive you to believe them.

Sameera Chathuranga

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