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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fashion Shoot

I've been so busy last month due to one of my photo shoots commitment and post processing for the graduation portrait. I almost had a my schedule full every day that I became pale and thin.  And thank God, I was able to recover quite fast.  Actually I still lack of sleep that I need more than 5 hours of sleep to have my body fully recover.  This is the problem because I have been nocturnal since I started to work at night.  Being awake at night was something I have used to it but I find it quite enjoying because the whole people sleep while me still awake.

This month I had a photo shoot gig with one of the country's premier couturier and fashion designer, Rocky Gathercole.  He's been designing dresses for some of the celebrities including Hollywood stars.  It was a great opportunity working with him at the studio where I photo shoot some of the models with his unique designs.  This was the first time I have worked with fashion designer showcasing his work of art.  Actually it gave me a good break as some of the photographers are seeking a shoot with a popular icons in different field of arts.

I'm fascinated with this gig, and hoping for these for more in the future.  The outcome of my shoots was good, but the learning experience was something that would bring me to another level.