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Friday, July 31, 2015

Characteristic of a Psychopath

I've searched "psychopath in the internet and here's an interesting topic about psychopath.  Maybe you don't know that you are already a victim of psychopath. But just be aware.

Hare psychopathy checklist

Robert Hare, in his book 'Without Conscience', lists the characteristics of a psychopath that he uses as part of his checklist. This Hare psychopathy checklist is a complex clinical tool used in the clinical evaluation to determine if someone is a psychopath or not. Just because somebody has some of these traits does not make them a psychopath!
Psychopathy is best thought of as a syndrome, a cluster of characteristics.
Hare divides the characteristics into two groups. Firstly are the personal and emotional characteristics of a psychopath, and secondly are the features of the antisocial lifestyle.
Let's have a look at the first group.

Glib and superficial

Psychopaths tend to talk a lot. They know how to read people and can be funny and entertaining and they are often boasting, telling stories about how good they are. The stories may be unconvincing but they somehow manage to present themselves as likeable and charming. For some people, however, the psychopath is too smooth, or is simply playing a role.
The psychopath can often talk about any subject as if he were an expert, often even using the jargon. Some of them do it so well, and with such confidence, that they can even fool psychologists, experts in this field, who know they're talking to a psychopath!
And at the same time, some of the serial killers talk about their crimes in gory detail with almost no emotion. People who experience this find it very unnerving.

It's all about Me

Psychopaths tend to have enormous egos, an incredible sense of entitlement and an overinflated sense of their own self-worth and importance. They are arrogant and cocky, they have an opinion on everything and they are always right. They have incredible confidence but often without the competence. They typically have lots of grandiose plans for the future. "I want the world to be the way I want it to be" said one psychopath.
In their role as guru or maestro, they often claim to have magic powers, or to be able to do things that other people cannot. This enhances their prestige among their followers. And if anyone questions them about why they're not using their gift right now, they always have a good story to excuse themselves.

Absence of guilt and remorse

One of the most stunning characteristics of a psychopath is the total lack of guilt or remorse that they experience, regardless of the effect of their actions on others. From serial killers to cult leaders to corporate psychopaths to the child psychopath, they all typically have a justification for the decisions they have made and for what they have done.
Interviews with psychopaths reveal that for them, people are simply objects, things to be used. Even family members have the same value as other things they own, such as a mobile phone or a coat.
And use people they do. They will take their money, their possessions, their time, their expertise, their efforts, their bodies, and their souls. (People who have been duped by psychopaths for religious reasons have said that it's like being raped spiritually.) And all this without the slightest care in the world for the victims.
The absence of remorse is evidenced by the fact that many psychopaths, even after being caught and punished for some crime, continue to do the same thing.
When caught out, psychopaths will often deny or minimize the effect of their actions on others. In fact, they typically make out that they are the victim! And they can play the victim role very well. For them it's simply another one of the masks that they present to the world.

Lack of empathy

Another one of the important characteristics of a psychopath is the inability to understand what other people are feeling or experiencing. They don't know what it's like to be in somebody else's shoes.
What they do is to learn about emotions. They learn from other people what emotions feel like, what they experience, and what is expected in certain situations. Therefore they can appear to be very caring and loving. But it's all a charade, a show, playacting, in order to manipulate the emotions of others.
Being incapable of empathy means they are incapable of love. The emotional world of a psychopath is indeed shallow and dark. This can be difficult to understand when dealing with a sociopath.

Deceit and manipulation

"I lie like I breathe, one as much as the other" explained one psychopath. But even when they are caught out in a lie, they simply carry on. Remember, no guilt or remorse! They simply change the story to try and fit in with the lie.
Sometimes they lie so much that it's difficult to know if they know themselves that they're lying. The answer is usually yes, and typically they are proud of the fact that they are good liars. That big ego again! And it is one of the extraordinary characteristics of a psychopath that they aretotally unfazed by being cut out in a lie.
Why do they lie? To manipulate and control others. They are all the time trying to dominate and control. They believe that the world is full of predators and prey. And they are definitely predators. Other people are weak, stupid and deserve to be taken advantage of. In fact, the psychopath is doing them a favor, teaching them lessons.
When you consider the characteristics of a psychopath we've looked at so far, it's no wonder that they swindle, cheat, con and defraud others. They play by different rules than normal people, rules that normal people are totally unaware of.
Normally people do not consider that others willfully do evil and harm because they have no conscience. They are simply unaware of how psychopaths work. This puts them at a tremendous disadvantage when in arelationship with a sociopath.

Shallow emotions

Psychopaths are unable to describe the intricacies of different emotions because they don't experience them. They may mistake sexual arousal for love, or anger for irritability.
One thing that is common is that many of them say they can make themselves angry. They say they can turn it on and off. But they don't know how fear feels. They can certainly notice the signs of fear in other people but they are unable to describe any bodily sensations.
For many people fear is a motivator in that they may do things or not do things because of fear of the consequences. Not so in psychopaths, because they don't experience the unpleasant sensations of fear. This obviously has far reaching effects on the decisions they make. They do, however, know how to manipulate others through fear.

Photo Shoot in My Room Studio

It's the last day of the month of July and tomorrow is August, the last month before the "ber" month comes. It indicates that we are fast approaching Christmas time.  Time's so fast indeed that sometimes you can't notice that time is really moving fast.

I just had some photo sessions where I set up my own room studio in our house.  I have noticed I haven't seen any studio in Rizal province where models can have some photo sessions with some of the finest photographers in Rizal.  I'm not really sure if this is the first time to have a creative studio in Rizal Province.  My main objective is to let some models and photographers enjoy photo sessions within the Rizal province in the creative studio.  At a fraction of cost this allows them to use the lights that I have and the room which they are convenient to shoot with some of the models.

This week has been very busy so one of the photographers had a session here in my room studio.  He did great with the photographs of the models.

I did some shoots too as to sneak on the sessions with the models.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Burnham Park in Baguio

I had a short stint in Baguio just a few days ago where I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days. It was raining most of the time and that did not kill my chance to visit Burnham Park that each time I go to Baguio, I never missed to visit this famous park. Probably considered as the landmark of the Summer Capital of the Philippines.  You get a cold place where pines are the most popular trees of Baguio.  The last time I visited this province was in 2011.  Oh boy time's so fast and that was 4 years ago already.

Although the weather condition was not so good, I hanged out a little bit in the park spending time to take pictures.  The famous boat-ride is what makes the park memorable which the spot is famous of.  I had the urged to walk around just to realize how life is beautiful seeing the park is just a wonderful experience.

Visiting the park though it was raining let the time stop for a moment and it lets me also reminisce when I was still in good position but I guess I let God control of my situation no matter what happened to me in my recent past.
hanging out in Starbucks SM

I no longer want dramas. But I hope the next time I visit Baguio was to be in a better position again.  I won't say what it is, but I guess things like this that I have experienced I would consider as God's blessing.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Toxic Behaviors You Should Never Tolerate

Here are 8 toxic behaviors you should never tolerate.
1. Excessive Negativity
When you are working on creating a better life, the first thing to make an impact is a change in our thoughts. Moving from negative thought patterns to thoughts that serve us is difficult enough without being surrounded by excessive negativity.
It isn’t perfect positive thought you are after with your friends, but more the ability for your friends to recognize and move through negative thought. Being surrounded by someone who constantly 
expresses negative thought is disruptive to your personal growth.
2. Gossip
Gossip weakens relationships. Gossip is a conversation about other people and is usually malicious in intent. Gossip happens when your relationship isn’t strong or based on meaningful connection.
Make your relationships about you and the other person and avoid bringing other people into it. Pay attention to how your conversations make you feel. Chances are if you are gossiping, you won’t like the feeling.
3. Selfish Behaviors
If you start to examine your most successful and least successful relationships, chances are a common theme found in your least successful ones would be selfishness. Strong relationships are ones that serve both parties and do not focus on one person over the other.
It can be difficult to realize selfish behavior exists, especially when you feel like your partner is in crisis or needs your help. Both people in the relationship should be able to express their needs. You should never tolerate a relationship with someone that makes you feel bad for making your needs known.
4. Lack of Compassion
Life is hard – very, very hard. There is no need to make it harder by surrounding yourself with people who are not kind. And it is more than just being kind to you, it’s being kind to everyone.
Compassion is about general kindness and concern for all people, the people that matter to us and those we don’t even know. Ask yourself this, “Do you really want to surround yourself with people who have no concern for the suffering of others?”
5. Stubbornness
There is a little streak of stubbornness in all of us. And a little of it is a good thing, it can help us persevere and drive us to complete goals.
It is the refusal to compromise, see another point of view and the unwillingness to change; that is detrimental to a relationship. It’s important to recognize that the relationship isn’t serving you if you are doing all the compromising.
6. Superficial Judgements
It is one thing to look at a situation and process things based on what is happening. Then taking those perceptions and trying to make sense of them. It is a whole different thing to process what is happening based on how we think they should be.
When other people try to define actions and experiences based on their hopes for what they want, they are judging in a way that is unhealthy to us, to them and those around us.
What’s more, superficial judgments can often lead to gossip, which we already know is a behavior that doesn’t serve a relationship.
7. Manipulative Actions
It is the natural tendency to want to think the best of people, but it is important to be aware that there are people that will do anything to get what they want. It never feels good to be manipulated, and you might not even be aware that it is happening.
If someone is using guilt, selective memories, excessive compliments or even bullying tactics to get something they want, chances are they are trying to manipulate you. Stay true to what you know is right and don’t let someone else’s manipulative tactics influence you.
8. Playing the Victim
When someone plays the role of victim, it is because they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. Accepting that life is less than perfect and accepting our role in the decisions we make is an important part of being happy.
Once a victim, always a victim and when we surround ourselves with victims chances are we will become one too. It’s natural to want to explain away a failed attempt at something, and it is up to us to hold the people around us, and ourselves, accountable and challenge victim thoughts.
We make the choice, whether consciously or unconsciously, to gossip, play the victim or judge others. We also make the choice to stay in relationships only with people that exhibit the right kind of behaviors. If you are paying attention to how your relationships make you feel, more than likely you will be able to determine if the relationship is serving you.