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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Road Trip: The House of Jose Rizal in Calamba

This is my first entry for 2016. I never had so much entry last year as I slowed down a bit when it comes to traveling. I hope I could do more travels for this year, not just an out of town trip but as well as outside the country.

I did the Calayan trip last year and that was the farthest so far. Hopefully I want to do Visayas and Mindanao this year, well it depends on the budget haha..

A friend of mine Jake invited me to go to Calamba, Laguna since he haven't been there at the house of our national hero, Jose Rizal.  So I acted as his tourist guide since because I was familiar with this place, the fact that I used to go to Calamba for quite a few times.

We met at Mcdonald's in Edsa Crossing in the morning as the bus going to Calamba would be passing along Edsa.  We walked from Crossing until we have reached the stop area of the provincial bus near the Ortigas Station of MRT.

Since there was no traffic and it happened to be Sunday, the trip was short and it took us approximately an hour to reach Calamba.  We got off the bus in one of the malls where jeepneys pass by but before going to Jose Rizal's house we had lunch in Mcdonald's Calamba.

Few minutes later we took the jeepney and asked the driver to bring us to Jose Rizal.  It is along Mercado St.

The house of Jose Rizal was well maintained I think it was newly painted although I am not sure when was the last painting they have done on the external of the house.

Jose Rizal's house was actually big, the land area itself is wide and is surrounded by the steel fence.  It could be imagine that when you are there, seems like you had a time travel in the past.

This is the main entrance of the museum leading to the main stair of the house.  It's just a small entrance and once you have entered the door is where you can find the sign up book and you can drop your donation in the box.

This is the ground floor leading to the main stair of the house.

This could be the study room of Jose Rizal as where his mother told him the story about the Munting Gamo-gamo.
On the second floor where the main stair is located at.

The Dining Room

This could be the bedroom of Jose Rizal

The Kitchen

The well

sitting outside where the main entrance of the whole lot was located

I had a great time visiting the house of Jose Rizal and after the Calamba trip we decided to go to Los Banos to see the University of the Philippines