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Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Majestic Mayon Volcano

At last I was able to capture the perfect cone of Mayon Volcano, when I visited the province of Albay.  I went to Legazpi, the capital of Albay.  Several attempts have been made to capture the volcano without hiding in the clouds.

I captured Mayon Volcano in two different time of the golden hour, the first one was sunset and the second one was during sunrise.  Although there are several spots to capture the majestic volcano, I decided to stay at the port, in Legazpi boulevard.  Coming from Naga City for a two hour ride via van to Legazpi, I was able to make it 30 minutes before the sunset.

I asked the tricycle driver to bring me to the boulevard where the volcano is seen during sunset.

When I went to the port, I have seen these guys fishing so I think this was  a good capture while it was sunset.

When it was already dark, I went to downtown and spent the rest of the hours strolling to the mall and on the streets.  I went to the internet cafe which operates until 4am and spend some hours on the internet.

Occasionally, I go to Dunkin' Donuts and ordered some donuts and coffee there, it was open 24 hours and the place was safe to stay, aside from a free wi-fi access.

At 5am, I had a 30 minute walked to the boulevard waiting for the sunrise.

I thought I had some bad captures on the volcano and when I posted the picture on my Facebook account, I received a lot of good comments.

The whole experience was worthwhile. And finally I was able to capture the volcano without the clouds covering Mayon.

There are so many spots to capture the volcano in different towns of Albay and the easiest way is when you go to the boulevard.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Venturing on Foods and Food Photography

Last Saturday, I was invited to take some photos of foods for Japinoy Restaurant. Basically my first food photography assignment since I first started to work as free-lance photographer since 2012 and most of the shots are those from the events.  Being a professional on this field, we take note of the person's flexibility that is why it is important for aspiring photographers to be jack of all trade - from travel, events, fashion and food. If you love food, just like me I always take some shots through my cell phone or dslr camera.

Then came the right moment when I was offered to do some food photography last Saturday and I was really surprised to see the quality of my shots using the different focus method and the angle where it is to take the best shot of the foods.

The nice thing I have learned in photographing some food commercials was I got to eat them for FREE after the chef served it to the table so I could take some shots for every food it is served, one at a time.

Yes I got some tastes of their specialties which Chef Marlon cooked for ads purpose which according to one of the consultants the shots will be used for fliers and display in the restaurant.

Japinoy serves both Japanese and Filipino foods and that is why the they came up with the idea to name this restaurant as Japinoy.  It is located along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City.

Perhaps I should focus on food photography and I am glad I am starting to venture on this part as I myself love to eat at different restaurants and that is really interesting photographing some foods and at the same time, you eat them for free.

Let's see on my next assignment.