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Friday, September 16, 2016

Finding the Right Spot in Photographing Manila Bay

A month ago I found a niche where I could spend time to practice my landscape and night photography. I usually go to Angono Eco-Park in Rizal province which is just a few minutes away from our home.  Since I have been there for a couple of times, I decided to find another place on taking pictures.  I saw the website of one of my Facebook friends, and he was also my colleague on Chasing Lights landscape photography 5 years ago, who had photos taken in Manila Bay showing some buildings at the back of the sea front .  So I got curious and visited Manila Bay for a few times and unfortunately I didn't get some good photos due to the bad weather happened for two weeks. It was cloudy and obviously most of the time it was grey and the setting sun did not show up.  My goal was to use long exposure.

A few attempts of my shot at the Bay Center

Since I got the clue where to take these photos showing the buildings on the sea front,  I decided to walk all the way down to the CCP Complex (Cultural Center of the Philippines) till I get to what they call the Bay Center, a place where you can see some coffee shops and restaurants.  When you get to the Bay Center, probably you might be seeing some people fishing and photographers too.  So I made it there where Bay Center was also a photographer's delight taking pictures during sunset.

Long Exposure in Black and White

Another Facebook friend posted a picture the same location but different spot showing some buildings across the bay. I learned she took it at Paseo Palisoc

Paseo Palisoc is a few walks away from Folk Arts Theater.  It was beautiful there.  So this is where they run the cruises and Air Juan.

At Paseo Palisoc
Finally after several attempts of getting to the right spot, Paseo Palisoc is just few walks away from Manila Bay and it's good for taking long exposure shots because of the compositions of the scene that you would get when taking some pictures.