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Monday, February 13, 2017

Staying Strong

I've been monitoring my blood pressure for almost one month now, when I learned that I was diagnosed with a stage two hypertension and the doctor gave me a lifetime maintenance.  Since then, I was conscious about the foods that I eat and I do a lot of walking as part of my exercise.

But one thing I could not really avoid is the emotional stress that I have, maybe because I am not a robot and a human being.  Honestly, some things affected me so much and it had to do with my own state of mind, and emotions.  My worries, sentiments, grievances, those are the contributing factors why my hypertension triggered.  Maybe because I am just like this.  Maybe because I always dealt with my emotion.  Things could not resist to make me sad although I tried to shield myself from all my worries.  It persistently affecting me but I don't want to put the blame to anyone.

I think too much. And I care too much. Maybe because of this, it led me to what I have right now, developing anxieties and having a high blood pressure.  God knows that I do not want this as this has been added to another challenge in my life.  I was fighting to what I would like to become - my dreams and aspirations, I have not gotten them yet.  Now I am facing another challenge in my life and this time it has something to do with my health.  I did not expect this, though I know that hypertension runs in my family.

Now two things are what I am fighting for, all at the same time.  First, for my dreams and aspirations, and second, is my health.  I know it's hard to surpass the stage and you almost give up.

I want to shine in spite of what I am experiencing right now and to continue what I have started since the beginning.

And if only God is reading this I know that a warrior sometimes may fall down and drop his sword.  A warrior has a feelings too no matter how strong he is.  He is just soft inside and cry for a while.

Let me share this quote to the one reading this:

"You are the warrior of the light, HEAL yourself, Fight for LOVE, and SAVE the earth..." - Anonymous

Monday, February 6, 2017

I Was Diagnosed To Have A Hypertension

Last January 18, I found out that I already had a hypertension through a clinic located in SM Mall of Asia or MOA.  The nurse measured my blood pressure with sphygmomanometer  three times at first and second it was 140/100 and the third time it went up top 150/100.

Two days when I came back with the result of my medical examination, the doctor re-examined my blood pressure and surprisingly it was more than 180/100.  She immediately diagnosed me that I have a stage 2 hypertension and gave me a prescription for a lifetime maintenance.

In the mall, I went to Watson to re-check my blood pressure and it does not go down to the normal blood pressure.

It was a surprised on my part since I don't feel anything as someone to have been suffering from hypertension.  And through family history that I learned that I also suffer the same ordeal.

And when I learned about it, I became so conscious and tried to monitor my blood pressure from time to time, get rid of the salty foods, pork, beef and something to cause your blood to rise high.

I was hesitant to take the medicine which the doctor prescribed me, instead I took some lemon grass trea and garlic as my alternative use instead of these synthetic medicines.  Because I know it has some side effects if I continued to take the medicine.

But most of my concerned friends advised me to take the medicines which lately I have followed them.

I have no choice but to follow it.  I know that this ailment is a life changing moment for me.  I know that things happened for a reason.  I am no longer young and I get to justify that it's not only me who is suffering of this ailment.

There come to a point in your life that when you are suffering from something, you will get to realize that this is a life process and it gave me more reason to appreciate life.

One of my self realization is that I am no longer interested in material things, being wealthy cause I know that health is really important.  I came across also that this may change my perspective that in spite of the ailment, it gives you the opportunity to know God better, and it gives you more wisdom that you can share these things to other.

I know that God will never abandon me and there's a reason for me to keep my faith high to the Lord.

But I hope this life changing moment experience would bring me the opportunity to share this to others that we have to learn to value life the best way we can.

What Made Me Think to Write Again

It's been five months since my last writing in this blog. But to those who read my blog, please allow me to greet you a Happy New Year, and to be more profound, I would say Happy Rooster Year! I know this sounds ridiculous because it is already the first week of February.

I have seldom right blog over the past two years, but I really want to congratulate myself since my personal blog existed in 2009 when I was in California where I used my card to buy this domain.  This domain was actually repurchased that year because originally my domain name was purchased as early as 2006, a time when I still work at the Business Process Outsourcing or BPO Comapny.  It was discontinued a year later then tried to buy it back in 2009 which fortunately this domain became available again.

Several reasons I want to write again.  First is to bring on my travel experience, Second is to share any topic that I may found quite interesting.  And finally my blog serves as an outlet to burst anything that has something to do with emotions.  In short, it is quite obvious that this is also a hub for something that is personal for me.

I always wanted to say that nothing is wrong to write personal things and what I just said is this will always serve as my outlet.

From the point when I seldom write until today, I have learned so much things.  The things that made me change, and perhaps becoming a better person, some things are my personal experience in life.

In that period of lying low to writing, I've seen myself grow, the moment when I stumbled and fall, the good things that came which God gave me to appreciate, small or great, the people who came into my life, the people who came back to me which all of these inceptions have so much learning to beacon.  Also this is not to say that writing is about I, ME and Myself only.

In the last two years, there were dreams and revelation where time and space collide and made me think deeper.

I want to write again, and this time all of the profound experience that I can share with because I know there are also people out there who may resonate with what I am going to write.

Well it feels like I am a better writer now and it's time to be that person of someone that I can write things better than before.