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Monday, February 6, 2017

I Was Diagnosed To Have A Hypertension

Last January 18, I found out that I already had a hypertension through a clinic located in SM Mall of Asia or MOA.  The nurse measured my blood pressure with sphygmomanometer  three times at first and second it was 140/100 and the third time it went up top 150/100.

Two days when I came back with the result of my medical examination, the doctor re-examined my blood pressure and surprisingly it was more than 180/100.  She immediately diagnosed me that I have a stage 2 hypertension and gave me a prescription for a lifetime maintenance.

In the mall, I went to Watson to re-check my blood pressure and it does not go down to the normal blood pressure.

It was a surprised on my part since I don't feel anything as someone to have been suffering from hypertension.  And through family history that I learned that I also suffer the same ordeal.

And when I learned about it, I became so conscious and tried to monitor my blood pressure from time to time, get rid of the salty foods, pork, beef and something to cause your blood to rise high.

I was hesitant to take the medicine which the doctor prescribed me, instead I took some lemon grass trea and garlic as my alternative use instead of these synthetic medicines.  Because I know it has some side effects if I continued to take the medicine.

But most of my concerned friends advised me to take the medicines which lately I have followed them.

I have no choice but to follow it.  I know that this ailment is a life changing moment for me.  I know that things happened for a reason.  I am no longer young and I get to justify that it's not only me who is suffering of this ailment.

There come to a point in your life that when you are suffering from something, you will get to realize that this is a life process and it gave me more reason to appreciate life.

One of my self realization is that I am no longer interested in material things, being wealthy cause I know that health is really important.  I came across also that this may change my perspective that in spite of the ailment, it gives you the opportunity to know God better, and it gives you more wisdom that you can share these things to other.

I know that God will never abandon me and there's a reason for me to keep my faith high to the Lord.

But I hope this life changing moment experience would bring me the opportunity to share this to others that we have to learn to value life the best way we can.

Sameera Chathuranga

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