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Friday, March 31, 2017

Summertime is Here

I know this is the last day of the month and tomorrow is the fourth month of the year and that is April.  Time flies fast though, it's something that we could not avoid and yet every single day remains to be a memory.  I seldom write a blog post since I have limited number of travel.  Well that is because I spend a lot and have no extra cash for my next travel destination.  I have so much plans yet, some places I haven't been there yet and LUZON is huge to travel at, on different destination.  But the major ones like Batanes, Calayan Island, Baguio are just some few places I have been to.  But I really do hope to explore Sagada and Mt. Pulag because I know from the beginning that this sounds very interesting.

How I wish I was rich and become the master of the traveling destination. But one thing that I really aspire for is to try adventure on different countries and experience the exotic lifestyle that it has to offer.  Just like Tibet, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, maybe India too.  But what about South America too and the Amazons! Well that sounds interesting! All I want is just to write blog about these beautiful places.

Summertime is here again and it's so 2017! Hot and enervating that I almost don't like to go out because of the heat of the sun.  But the best place to cool down is when you go to the mall!

Since it is summertime, I can figure out where to go some nearby places and maybe as far as the Quezon Province.  I still have to explore Quezon and what if I try to visit some of the oldest church in town.  I know this is a good idea but let's see what I can do this summer.

Okay just to close this writing, I need to finalize everything yet and hopefully 3 travel destination this summer.