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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Siargao Hotel and Roundtrip Airport Transfer

Siargao is booming and a lot of travelers are interested to go to Siargao just to experience this getaway. Some might think and ask if it's really expensive to go and stay in Siargao? So my answer is NO. You can have this experience for only Php 5,000 plus and that already includes 3 days and 2 nights stay in the resort and airport transfer.  This is really a good deal if you are looking for an affordable price.  Travel Every Juan can offer this exclusive offer until December 31, 2018.  Also for cheap flights and affordable airfare, they can offer you this through their online sight at www.traveleveryjuan.com

Getaways should not be expensive and should be available for every juan who wants to experience memorable holidays. So contact them now and book your vacation experience through them.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Travel Every Juan

Travel Every Juan logo

Everyone has the right to travel and get an affordable price.  Vacation does not need to be expensive. Whether you are a sole traveler and adventurer or traveling with family and friends, or simply as a backpacker, you deserve to have tours and vacation at affordable rate.  This is the best thing that you can pamper yourself after you work and decide to get a vacation.  Travel Every Juan was created for a purpose to get everyone involve for a cheap tours and vacations

Themed Travel/Customized. Credits to the owner of this photo

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary, birthdays, pre-nups or doing a surprised wedding proposal, Travel Every Juan can customize your experience.

For customized travel and tours, themed travel and events, visit Travel Every Juan's website at

www.traveleveryjuan.com .

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Something I Have Learned From My Past Mistakes

I feel that I have to write this down since I have paused my feet to travel back in the Bicol Region. I've been tripping Bicol for the past two months and I felt that when I went back to Metro Manila sometime a week ago made feel a little bit zest. I was sickly and maybe because I had to adjust a very humid weather as we have the summer feel, adjust to going back and forth that imagine I had to go back every after week from Bicol to Manila and vice versa. Just the first week of May I had flu and at the same time got a lower back pain that I couldn't even walk and when I move my legs it felt the pain on my lower back and especially when I cough. So I had to see a doctor and I was given some medicines.  But now I felt quite recuperated and hopefully to fully recover so I could move forward on my plans.

This note is my first entry for this month and I would like to share my past experiences which I made to realize of who I am today.  It doesn't mean when I think about my past mistakes, I could not move on but I just want to write it down and see where I should be more focus on the present moment.

Past is past and mistakes in life had already happened, but everyone learns from their past mistakes.  It is just a matter of time that you get to realize those summarized mistakes happened in the past. 

I've trusted a lot of people and because of my trust came to a point that I was giving a lot and finally put me on a spot. Trust to people being I thought you can trust and be a friend, trust in giving opportunities to others and for monetary reasons came that I lost a lot!  Some are just good at using you.  Do I look like a runner? Do I look like an assistant? Do I look like I should always please someone.  I have learned to say a big NO, and do I even really care if I have offended them? Whatever they are getting at me, is just one way.

But I have few trusted ones who I would consider as real as that proves them to be right.  Should I say this is just only a "mema" but this proves me that I have some points.

My lesson? Never let someone use you and take advantage of your situation.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Exploring the Town of Caramoan

Photo courtesy of www.lakwatsero.com

Last March 23 I decided to go to Caramoan. Well I guess it was the usual thing that I do when I travel  - unplanned and lack of preparation.  I must admit it, most of my travel are not carefully planned, but If I take a look at the brighter side, when traveling is done immediately, it adds to excitement and the challenges that I have experienced was some kinda unique because expectation might be different from a well-planned and organized travel.  Just like what I have experienced in Caramoan, I had some hesitation if I would push through on this adventure.  So the last minute took place when I decided to go to the Central Bus Terminal in Naga City as early as 3 a.m. since Florencia bus leaves its first trip at 3:45 a,m.

At the beach in Caramoan

One of the beach resorts in Caramoan

When the bus left the terminal, I had about an hour sleep and the next thing that I saw when I woke up we were already in Lagonoy. It was raining and we had a stop over in one of the towns on the way to Caramoan.

Work shop house of the Survivor Reality TV Show game

Participating Country of the Survivor

You'll often experienced a zigzag road going to Caramoan that is steep and small.  By 8 a.m. we arrived at the bus terminal where its main market is located and the moment I got off the bus, one of the tricycle driver offered me to go to the beach for a fee of 100 pesos only.

The church in the town of Caramoan

me at the church

We passed through a tour operator on the way to the beach and was advised about the rate for the island tour.  Unfortunately, due to the bad weather condition, boats are not allowed to go to the island because of the bad weather.  The high light of Caramoan was about the island tours and this is the reason why the tourists want to go to this place because of the destination that it offers, the island tour.  Caramoan has been chosen by the reality TV show, Survivor as their shooting place and is being leased by the said reality show for several years.
Eddie Boy told me that his younger brother was sick and looking for his father who work in the church

Since I couldn't have an island tour, I decided to have a walk in the town for just some few hours/

At 12 noon I decided to ride the MRR bus going back to Naga.  There's also another bus operating vice versa and that is Raymond Bus. 

After all, you learned about your experience though I missed out the island tour. But there's always a next time around and I will know what to do next.

Tip when you are in Caramoan:

1. The tricycle going to beach will cost you 100 pesos only. Some might charge you 150 pesos but try to negotiate if you can.
2.  Since I learned that there is habal-habal going to the main town if you are at the beach, the fee will just only cost you 20 pesos. If you are alone, you can ride habal-habal instead of tricycle if you are in a tight budget. So it would mean that you can also ride habal-habal going to the beach if you are in the main town.
3. Boat rental ranges from 1200 - 1800 pesos.
4  If you are having your meal at some of the carinderia in the town, ask how much is the viand and rice and the total cost of your meal and count your change for the meal you have paid for.

Well I'll just go back to this place for an island tour.

Helpful Resource: https://www.lakwatsero.com/destinations/caramoan/#sthash.nLmryQFw.YritITNH.dpbs

Monday, March 19, 2018

Side Trip: Engkanto Falls

Five days I had a hard time to decide whether I go to Caramoan or Engkanto Falls. Engkanto falls is just an hour away from where I stayed in Pasacao, Camarines Sur and it is a perfect jump off point for me from crossing Pamplona to Libmanan, where Engkanto is just a few steps from the high way in Libmanan. Whereas, when you go to Caramoan, from Naga is about 4 to 5 hours traveling time, considering that buses to Caramoan has a limited time of leaving.  I was totally unprepared for the Caramoan trip so I decided to go to Engkanto Falls where I don't have to prepare that much.
Engkanto has multiple falls

one of the falls and there are still more when you go up

Engkanto falls has a cascade of water falls located in Baranggay Bikal in Libmanan town, Camarines Sur. Not far from Pamplona which is just about one town away or 20-30 minutes travel time from the national high way in Pamplona.
small road will take away 10-15 minutes walk to to the falls
you will pass this farm on the first jump off point
you will cross this wooden bride at the first jump off point

When you reach Libmanan, there are two jump off point which takes around 10-15 minutes walking distance from the high way.  The first one is before the main bridge of the high way which a small cemented path to walk crossing a stream with a small bridge built made of wood.  While the second one is after the bridge and getting to the falls has a wide road which lets the cars can pass through it and stop at the gate.  There is an entrance fee of 20 pesos but starting March 15, the entrance fee rises to 50 pesos.  Engkanto falls have cottages and to those who love to sing you and videoke is available for rent.

the main gate to the falls

Falls have a little trekking if you decide to go up but in my case I never went to the top to see more falls because I don't really like to go up, aside from the bag that I carry.

My mission was just to take some photos of the falls and that's all I want, and not something that I have to go up to the cliff.

Well I guess for me there's not much about this adventure so I decided to go back to Pasacao at past 2 p.m.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Sunrise Cove Hideaway in Calatagan Batangas

This year I promise to bring more travel experience on the table. I have missed out a lot of travel opportunities for the past few years due to some circumstances that I needed to take care of.  Now I think this year is the best time for more travel and get some good hideaways, although budget may always something that I have to consider.
solid rocks at the moment when you walk to the right at Sunrise Cove

Sto Domingo de Silos is the landmark going to the resorts
The big cottage house has 3 rooms, kitchen and large veranda
some of the cottage houses of the resorts
some of the resort beds outside the cottage house

Last February 21, 2018 I was invited to go to Calatagan, Batangas for a 3-day getaway and photo shoots to a couple celebrating their 25 years of marriage, who came from Berlin, Germany.  I was informed through Facebook a few days before the traveling date.  So I did not hesitate because I know I do not have any other schedule within that week except for my nightly e-commerce business which I had to check my email every night, aside from the newsletters and promotion that I was doing.
sunrise romantic shot of my client and floating cottage can be seen
setting the bonfire at night
pillows in a small cottage
me relaxing

So I met the couple at Crowne Hotel in Ortigas Center at noon where the van was ready to pick up the couple and their German friends.
entrance to the cove

van owned by bro rene

Receiving area and office

Our first stop over was in Sta Rosa, Laguna where we had lunch at Jollibee.  We went via Sta Rosa en route to Tagaytay.  We had a few minutes stop-over in Tagaytay but our total traveling time from  Metro Manila to Calatagan took us about 6 hours since we left the hotel around 1pm already.

We passed through Lian, Batangas and if I was right, Calatagan is just at the tip-most part of Batangas.


cottage house

If you have reached Calatagan, the landmark was a small church -Sto Domingo de Silos is approximately 30 minute drive going to the Sunrise Cove.

We arrived past six at the resort just good for preparing our dinner.  It is a resort made of wooden houses with amenities like floating cottage, karaoke, bar and cottages in the sand.  The receiving area is a small office right at the entrance of the resort. 

guests/tourists having a jump shot

In the morning lies the sunrise in the horizon which is a photographer's delight to take some photos during sunrise. 

They planned to go boating on the way to the white sand bar but I did not go with them and remain at the resort.

On our third day at Sunrise Cove, we packed up our things at noon and took them to the van.  We drove to Tagaytay for approximately 2 hours and stayed a while at the hotel for a lunch(I forgot the name...lol) and it has an overlooking scenery of Taal Lake. At past 2pm, Bro Rene, the owner of the van dropped me of in Rotonda where I took the bus going to Manila.  Our company remained in Tagaytay for 2 days before they went back to Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Note: For van rentals, please message me and I will give Bro Rene's contact information.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Digital Adventure at Art in Island

Araneta Center, Cubao has been my hub up to this day as this place was an accessible destination from where I live in Rizal Province. Not really my favorite place but when I think about hanging out, I simply think about the Gateway Mall.  It's all around 30-minute ride taking a jeepney and going down to LRT Station in Santolan was just 7 minutes away to the mall. Farmer's Plaza, SM, Ali Mall and Gateway are just walking distance at Araneta Center. Think about the foods and it's all there, from fast foods to fancy restaurants.  The shopping center had changed a lot and condominium like Manhattan Garden rose, the old New Frontier Cinema became Kia Theater, Shopwise formerly the Fiesta Carnival and there were lots of BPO or Business Process Outsourcing company in the said center. So basically the old center which was dark and scary had turned into light and interesting place to rusticate and now became 24 hour hub. 

Just a few years ago, it was surprising to see a digital museum built at 15th avenue, which is a 15 minute walking distance from Gateway mall LRT Station in Aurora Blvd. The Art in Island is a 3D museum that run since December 2014.

Last January 25, 2018, my cousin from Canada who were in vacation invited me to go The Art in Island. The entrance fee was 500 pesos and it featured some of the digital art painting of 14 Korean painters and they 180 art works which was finished in just 4 months.  It is a 2-storey building and aside from the 3D arts there's a restaurant at the second floor and a coffee shop at the back of the ground floor building.

It was fun though as you'll get to experience an adventure beyond your dreams and it seems that the fantasy is real.  It's like you're part of the 3D world where the adventure changes from time to time you'll go to see another different world. Although I'm not really into this digital, but I know those on it in the digital arts can easily relate.  Yes, I was able to relate quite a bit but the experience was something unique.  It was an adventure and more on fun because you'll become part of the digital world so you'll get some selfies using your cell phone.

We had spent 3 hour in the museum and had meal afterwards in the restaurant at the second floor.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Revisiting Some of the Tourist Spots in Baguio

My self photo in the mirror while riding a jeepney from Mines View to The Mansion
This is going to be my first blog entry for the year 2018. Time flies fast that I first purchased my domain name in 2006 and it was discontinued a year after. My blog was resurrected in 2009 when I was in California.  I would hope for more travel opportunities for this year as this would give a little bit more idea about the places that I am going to travel.

First up is my travel for this year in Baguio. Just last week, my former co-employee in the BPO Industry messaged me in my Facebook and asked me if I could join him in Baguio for a day tour. We had no plans of going overnight, just a day tour so that at the same time I could guide him to some of the tourist destination in Baguio as this was going to be the first time visiting the place.
Finally our short plan took place last Saturday night and we met at McDonald’s in Kia Theater, formerly the New Frontier in Cubao.

 I recall in 2011 I went twice in Baguio. I  was looking for a provider of customized scarf for our clients in promotional products perhaps they use them as trade show giveaways.

We decided to walk to the Victory Liner Bus in Edsa as this was just a distance away from Araneta Center. We took the 10 p.m. bus.  The travel time was fast, it only took us 5 hours to reach Baguio and wow, that was 3 a.m.  We stayed at the Petron Mini Mart just near the Seven-Eleven store.  At around past 4 am we decided to walk to the city but decided to take the taxi because we realized that we can’t catch our breath walking. It was dark and the road is going up.

Fast forward, we stayed at KFC in Session Road until it was already 6 a.m. 
Our first destination was Burnham Park, it was cool and breezy and a lot of people walking and jogging already and there were some groups doing the exercises.

Using my 50mm lens to Uly

looking back as I walked and focus the camera to me

The sun was up and we decided to go to Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. We went down to the plantation and afterwards, we had breakfast.  We went back to session road and took at rest in Jollibee.

strawberry picking at Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

me with an empty strawberry container

We went to Wright Park.   If you want horse-back riding, this is the right place that you can go. 

After our lunch break we went to Mines ‘ View Park. It was crowded as usual and it happened to be Sunday. 
Uly in an Igorot costume at Strawberry Farm
You will see this at the Wright Park when you go up stair.
The Summer Capital sign

Then we visited to famous “The Mansion”  and we had some few pictorials there.

Tourists in Igorot Costume
The scenic Mines View Park

The Mansion

Around 3 pm we decided to go to the SM City Baguio as our last stop and had coffee in Starbucks before we went our early dinner in Jollibee Session Road.

Well that was a short day stint in Baguio where we have visited some of the famous tourist spots of the place.  Finally at 7pm we rode the bus back to Cubao.