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Monday, February 26, 2018

Few Good Reasons to Use Promotional Giveaways in the Trade Shows

Promotional Products have been widely used in the trade shows as a token of appreciation to those who have visited the booth.  Perhaps, there may be similarities in these items used by the exhibitors but the only difference is just the message in the product, may be it in the imprint or logo, it creates a statement for the company.  It may have be some comparisons as far as the promotional giveaways are concerned, may it be pens, lanyards, key tags, wrist bands, etc., but you would find the difference on how the company use the statement that would focus on the message which probably will leave a potential customer a mark on their head.  This is what the job of the promotional products – and that creates awareness to the potential clients.

There are few good reasons why promotional giveaways are a must in the trade shows.  First, it helps a company a brand, to those who may have just started the business or an existing business that is small aiming to attract potential customers.  The struggle of being a start up or small business is how they can compete in the market niche, and this is the job of the trade show giveaways, to be able to attract future customers.  And when it is being given to the participants, that helps advertise their products and services.

Second,trade show giveaways need not to be expensive.  You don’t have to buy expensive promotional giveaways just to have a heads up to your potential customers.  It just depends on the presentation, the message imprints or logo that customers can easily remember your products and services.  Unless the exhibitor have a big budget for promotional giveaways, then it could be their choice, but not necessarily that you have to spend a lot.  I see the most common giveaways as pens, lanyards and key chains.  They are not expensive at all.

And lastly, bear in mind that promotional products always go with your business no matter what it is.  Consider business cards with your logo or text imprints are just part of the promotional items.  You give them your personalized business cards so they have something to keep about your business and services and your contact information.  So you get more business cards when it runs out of stocks, and that is the same thing with some of the promotional items that you think would serve with a purpose why you need something as giveaways to your customers.

Sameera Chathuranga

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