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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Exploring the Town of Caramoan

Photo courtesy of www.lakwatsero.com

Last March 23 I decided to go to Caramoan. Well I guess it was the usual thing that I do when I travel  - unplanned and lack of preparation.  I must admit it, most of my travel are not carefully planned, but If I take a look at the brighter side, when traveling is done immediately, it adds to excitement and the challenges that I have experienced was some kinda unique because expectation might be different from a well-planned and organized travel.  Just like what I have experienced in Caramoan, I had some hesitation if I would push through on this adventure.  So the last minute took place when I decided to go to the Central Bus Terminal in Naga City as early as 3 a.m. since Florencia bus leaves its first trip at 3:45 a,m.

At the beach in Caramoan

One of the beach resorts in Caramoan

When the bus left the terminal, I had about an hour sleep and the next thing that I saw when I woke up we were already in Lagonoy. It was raining and we had a stop over in one of the towns on the way to Caramoan.

Work shop house of the Survivor Reality TV Show game

Participating Country of the Survivor

You'll often experienced a zigzag road going to Caramoan that is steep and small.  By 8 a.m. we arrived at the bus terminal where its main market is located and the moment I got off the bus, one of the tricycle driver offered me to go to the beach for a fee of 100 pesos only.

The church in the town of Caramoan

me at the church

We passed through a tour operator on the way to the beach and was advised about the rate for the island tour.  Unfortunately, due to the bad weather condition, boats are not allowed to go to the island because of the bad weather.  The high light of Caramoan was about the island tours and this is the reason why the tourists want to go to this place because of the destination that it offers, the island tour.  Caramoan has been chosen by the reality TV show, Survivor as their shooting place and is being leased by the said reality show for several years.
Eddie Boy told me that his younger brother was sick and looking for his father who work in the church

Since I couldn't have an island tour, I decided to have a walk in the town for just some few hours/

At 12 noon I decided to ride the MRR bus going back to Naga.  There's also another bus operating vice versa and that is Raymond Bus. 

After all, you learned about your experience though I missed out the island tour. But there's always a next time around and I will know what to do next.

Tip when you are in Caramoan:

1. The tricycle going to beach will cost you 100 pesos only. Some might charge you 150 pesos but try to negotiate if you can.
2.  Since I learned that there is habal-habal going to the main town if you are at the beach, the fee will just only cost you 20 pesos. If you are alone, you can ride habal-habal instead of tricycle if you are in a tight budget. So it would mean that you can also ride habal-habal going to the beach if you are in the main town.
3. Boat rental ranges from 1200 - 1800 pesos.
4  If you are having your meal at some of the carinderia in the town, ask how much is the viand and rice and the total cost of your meal and count your change for the meal you have paid for.

Well I'll just go back to this place for an island tour.

Helpful Resource: https://www.lakwatsero.com/destinations/caramoan/#sthash.nLmryQFw.YritITNH.dpbs

Sameera Chathuranga

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