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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 Reasons Why New Business Should Use Corporate Giveaways

Setting up a business takes time and the most crucial part of the business is within 6 months to one year of operation.  Considering the capital and operation expense, within the time frame period, it could be a make or a break.  We have seen some business grows and unfortunately some business failed.  This is the normal outcome based on what the inputs that spur in the business operation.  It is really time consuming but it is worth an effort once you have realized your business has grown.  There will always be a competition in a market niche which is already given regardless of what time of industry you are in.

This is where advertising comes into play, may it be in the social media, print ads, television or radio.  But advertising may be expensive if we take the cost into consideration.  Even social media advertising may be quite expensive especially if you have an existing website where products and services are rendered.

Small start up companies need a lot of exposure and this is why the business owner may think of what is best for their business.  This is where corporate giveaways may come into play.  Corporate giveaways have a lot of variation, names and synonymous to promotional products, promotional giveaways, trade show giveaways, promotional merchandise, corporate gifts, custom imprint products and there’s a lot more.  These terms are just part of the same roof at the ads specialties industry. 

Promotional products have been in the existence more than century ago and it is proven and effective method of advertising the business.  In fact, we have seen these products increases year after year.  As long as there are imprint messages or logo on these items, they are promotional items.  These will never go away because promotional merchandise will always play an important role in the business sectors.

Here, I have listed 5 reasons why new business should use corporate giveaways or promotional products.  There are several reasons why but I have trimmed them down to 5 and these are just my opinion so far:

1.       Promotional giveaways are a silent salesman.  With the logo or imprint message on it, they speak about your business on your behalf.  They tell something about your business, the moment when you pass it to a person.  Once handed to them, it can be seen and they may even get curiosity about your business.  Promotional items are easy to keep whether in your pocket, in a wall or in your office.  Promotional products range from personalized pens, key chains, lanyards, business cards, note pads, tumblers, and many more.  If you are a start up business, you are already stepping the game and can be ahead of the competition with the help of these custom imprint products.

2.       Corporate giveaways are cheap and easy to buy.  The good news is that, these corporate items are not expensive at all, for instance you can buy a pen with less than a dollar budget.  With the imprint message on the pens, it can be helpful to your business as giveaways.  If you will be participating in the events like the trade shows, promotional items can be good trade show giveaways.

3.       It is simple and easy to use.  For new companies, you can start a simple advertisement using some promotional products.  No need for complex and expensive ads.  Promotional products can add prestige to your business even if you use the simple and most affordable ones.  Promotional key chains with less than a dollar budget is great and simple giveaways and may drive traffic to your business.

4.       It will give clients a good impression about your business.  We know that big boys in the business have an edge towards competition because of their budget and they spent thousand of dollars just to get more exposure.  With promotional items, you can compete with the big businesses even without expensive ads.  It gives you prestige and good impression because promotional items have this purpose.  Promotional merchandise gives you prestige once they handed it to the prospective clients.  As long as you put a unique text imprint message can let your business impression last.

5.       Promotional products help to generate leads.  Yes, this is the good reason why you put up your business.  To generate leads and get more customers.  The good thing about the business giveaways is that this can be seen by your potential customers especially if they use them.  They can remember about your business and the first-hand information about it.  Consider the message, the name and the contact information of your business.

These are some of the reasons why there is a need for new business to use promotional items.  Whatever types of business that you have, advertisement is still important and one of them is using promotional products.  You don’t have to worry about your budget because promotional merchandise have a lots of products to offer base on the budget that the new business have.  Having a start up business is a struggle, and all you need is to have an edge in the market niche and this is where promotional products come into play.