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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Something I Have Learned From My Past Mistakes

I feel that I have to write this down since I have paused my feet to travel back in the Bicol Region. I've been tripping Bicol for the past two months and I felt that when I went back to Metro Manila sometime a week ago made feel a little bit zest. I was sickly and maybe because I had to adjust a very humid weather as we have the summer feel, adjust to going back and forth that imagine I had to go back every after week from Bicol to Manila and vice versa. Just the first week of May I had flu and at the same time got a lower back pain that I couldn't even walk and when I move my legs it felt the pain on my lower back and especially when I cough. So I had to see a doctor and I was given some medicines.  But now I felt quite recuperated and hopefully to fully recover so I could move forward on my plans.

This note is my first entry for this month and I would like to share my past experiences which I made to realize of who I am today.  It doesn't mean when I think about my past mistakes, I could not move on but I just want to write it down and see where I should be more focus on the present moment.

Past is past and mistakes in life had already happened, but everyone learns from their past mistakes.  It is just a matter of time that you get to realize those summarized mistakes happened in the past. 

I've trusted a lot of people and because of my trust came to a point that I was giving a lot and finally put me on a spot. Trust to people being I thought you can trust and be a friend, trust in giving opportunities to others and for monetary reasons came that I lost a lot!  Some are just good at using you.  Do I look like a runner? Do I look like an assistant? Do I look like I should always please someone.  I have learned to say a big NO, and do I even really care if I have offended them? Whatever they are getting at me, is just one way.

But I have few trusted ones who I would consider as real as that proves them to be right.  Should I say this is just only a "mema" but this proves me that I have some points.

My lesson? Never let someone use you and take advantage of your situation.