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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Creating A Tour For A Client

I have several tools to create a tour for a client, especially when someone is looking for the best tour packages. It is quite easy though. First you have to find out what place they want to go. In this way you already have an idea how the tours would gonna go because we know that each place have some tourist spots to offer. In this way you create a need for them why they have to see these places. This will lead them to the spots which has a milestone to each place that is unique and distinctive.

Second, is to identify the date which means that you have to know when they want to travel and its duration. Let's say 3 days and 2 nights, etc. Then you will have an idea how you are going to plan a tour for them. For example, a whole day tour would commence on their second day. The first day usually happens on their arrival time and place and this will give them more time to rest since the flight might be long and tiring. The first day usually have to do with their check in at the hotels.

Third is their accommodation, and this way, they have the place to stay in before the tour starts. They also have the choice if they would add an airport transfer to the hotel or do it by themselves.

These are the three things to keep in mind when creating a tour for a client. Make sure you connect to a reliable tour provider/operator.

Airline arrangement with a travel agency will give them their itinerary going to their destination and can offer them the affordable airfare packages.

So here's a link where you can get some of the best tour packages:


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tips On How To Find A Cheapest Airfare

I love traveling and going to different places to experience the culture, arts, foods and the beauty of the place. I usually travel by land and if it is deemed necessary to travel by air, I usually look for an airfare through online. The reason of this because as much as possible I want the best deal although the first thing that comes into my mind is how a travel agency can give me the best customer as much as they can.  For me it is not really the price but it is how the service being given to me.  I remember the time before I traveled to New York 8 years ago, I was looking a cheap flights and airfare online and it was costly because it happens that going to New York was on peak season. I found one that is the cheapest online but because I continue to do so, I went to the local travel agency which was near to our place. I was able to look for a cheaper one since I let them know that they have to beat the price. This was the same agency that I took ticket from them going to New York via Korean Air in 2009. Then I got one from them with Emirates which they had a better price in 2010.  The difference buying online and through the local agency was quite minimal so I decided to take my airline ticket through the agency.

Fast forward, I set up my own online travel agency and the idea is to give the best prices aside from giving them the best customer service experience. So I was able to create Travel Every Juan, an online travel agency based in Cainta, Rizal.

I have learned a lot on how to get the best deal when it comes to the cheapest airfare.  There are two ways actually.

The first one is to get them through the trade shows usually on a specific date they have on sale was through their booth in the trade show.  You can get the cheapest airfare if you have an advance booking prior to traveling, maybe 2 to 3 months or as much as ahead of 6 months. This gives you a guarantee to get the best pricing.  But in the trade shows, time is limited and if you missed to attend, chances are, you'll never be able to get the best price again. The ticket has to be reserved immediately so that this will not go to other customers on the same date that they will travel, or chances may also depend on the availability of the seats and time and it may get costly once your travel plan comes close.  And chances are, you may find yourself getting quotes from different agencies.  So trade shows have limited time for sale and being a walk in, you may miss the best price deals.

The second choice is to find it online. This is the easiest, you don't really have to travel and spend time looking for the cheapest flights. Anytime you can find them in the search engines and you will never have to worry getting to your local travel agencies. You can always check on the prices.

The online travel agencies offer the best deals on airfare as it gives you a view on how different airlines offer their price to your destination. You can always be online from time to time checking on the prices and chances are, you'll get one as the prices changes in time. Online travel agencies offer a low price airfare all year round so if you plan your travel few months or even up to one year looking for the low prices, you can always watch them and once you get the best deal, then you can book your travel online.  It is all year round as prices are being updated always.

You keep an eye on it and for my experience on checking some low prices, just few months ago, I was looking for a cheap airfare going to Thailand for January 2019 trip. At first the price was quite high as it ranged to even $197. But upon checking it daily, the price went down to $113 on the same date and destination. There is also a time that you can find a Bangkok round trip flight for only $77!

So in order to get the best deals on airfares, don't go on the time you want to travel. Go to the cheapest flight you can find on the month that is offered online. In this way, you can save a lot.

Remember, don't go on the date you want to travel, go with the date that low prices is being offered.

For best deals on airfares, hotels and vacation packages, visit www.traveleveryjuan.com.