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Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Boso-Boso Church in San Jose, Antipolo

For the past few days I’ve been looking for a nearby place which I can visit and one thing that crossed my mind is to find a church that is seldom visited. I stumbled in one website that features Boso-Boso Church as it is located In Antipolo.  This church is not in the usual place that can be found in the city, just like the Antipolo Church.  In fact, it is found in a different direction.
Boso-Boso Church is known as Nuestra Senora de la Anunciata and was a newly restored church from the remnants of Spanish regime which was restored during the second world war.

Nuestra Senora de la Anunciata

How to Go to Boso-Boso Church
From Tropical Hut (across Sta. Lucia Mall) in Marcos High Way, get into a jeepney ride that go to Cogeo 2 (Labas). The fare is 15 pesos.  Then take another jeepney ride that go to Paenaan and the fare starts at 23 pesos to Boso-Boso Highland Resort.  Do not go down at the resort, just tell the driver to drop you at Boso-Boso (dulo) and when you get there, you will see an arch sign of San Jose Antipolo.  Turn left and If you have patience to walk, it will take 2 kilometers to reach the church. There’s also a tricycle and the fare is 10 pesos/person. For special trip, the cost is 40 pesos. The arch is on the left side. 

Along the high way in San Jose Antipolo

It will take approximately one hour to get into the place.

In my case, I made a mistake and asked the driver to drop me at Boso-Boso Highland Resort which is beside the Boso-Boso Hotel.  The store owner beside the hotel told me it’s still far and there’s no way you can take a walk from the hotel going to the church so I had to ride another jeep and told the driver to drop me of at the tip of Boso-Boso

From Marcos High Way, going to Boso-Boso will take you around approximately one hour to get there.

When I got there at Boso-Boso church, there was a funeral and I had to exclude posting the front photo of the church as it displays the car for funeral service and also as a respect for the grieving family.

The town of San Jose, Antipolo has a simple ambience. Antipolo is indeed a huge municipality that is not just covered the main city and you won’t miss out Boso-Boso if you go to Tanay via Marikina-Infanta/Marilaque High Way.

Sameera Chathuranga

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