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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Heritage Houses of Pila Laguna

Holy Week was a promising one when I, together with my siblings had a road trip taking the Tanay route going to Laguna. This happened during the Maundy Thursday, April 18, 2019.  It was an unexpected tour.  We visited different churches starting off at the church in Lumban and ending the 7th church in Calamba, Laguna.  I can't name all those churches but most importantly is we have completed the Visita Iglesia.

On the 3rd church that we visited we dropped by at Pila, Laguna where we had an amazing experience because the houses in Pila were declared as heritage houses. I never thought that Pila was a national historic landmark until I read some of the articles and blogs about this town. And this I promised myself to come back in Pila as soon as I can.

On Sunday, April 21, I decided to go to Pila. From Cubao Edsa, I rode a bus going to Sta. Cruz and told the conductor to drop me off to the town of Pila. It was a 2 hour drive from Cubao to Pila, Laguna.

The layout of this town has been preserved with traditional Spanish style.

San Antonio de Padua Church

The first one that caught my eyes is the church we visited during Maundy Thursday, The San Antonio de Padua Church.  Then I came across to one of those ancestral houses just beside the church which turned out to be one of the commercial places.

Inside the church

Some of the ancestral houses were converted to commercial place which are prominent to see along the main road of the town where you can see stores like 7-Eleven and Mercury Drug Store.

One of the ancestral houses which was converted into Mercury Drug outlet

Since it was noon time, I decided to find a restaurant that I need something to eat for a lunch. Just 300 meteres away from the plaza was a fine dining restaurant of La Cosina Antonio which can be found at the main road of the town.  I think this is the most popular restaurant in this town where they served their own specialties.

La Cosina Antonio

One of their best seller
After lunch I went back to the Plaza and then I found a coffee shop and restaurant Churrolateria Victoria and is unique because the theme of this restaurant is about royalty. Every table has it's own chess board placing a crown on top of it.
chess board on the table on top of it is a crown

at the wall

Then my last stop over was the Pila Municipal Center. It was open to the public during Sunday and I had the chance to go inside and went to the second floor.
Pila Municipal Center
At the second floor inside the Municipal Center


The mayor of the town
I'm loving this town. It was so quiet and maybe it happened to be Sunday and it was Easter, the time which celebrates that our Lord Jesus has resurrected.

I found one of the treasures that can be found in Laguna. Pila is worth visiting for and has something to offer when it comes to heritage houses. A place to see a remnant of the past.